House Passes Spending Bill To Stop Obama’s Executive Amnesty (Video)

And the ball rolls into the Senate’s court where Republicans will be hard-pressed to prevent a filibuster from Senate Dems or of course the inevitable White House veto.

Via Hot Air:

Two separate anti-amnesty amendments passed this morning: Marsha Blackburn’s bill, which would freeze Obama’s 2012 DACA amnesty for DREAMers; and Robert Aderholt’s bill, which would defund Obama’s more recent executive amnesty and strip away elements of the previous one. The idea in passing all of them is to give Mitch McConnell options in trying to sell the bill to wary centrist Democrats like Joe Manchin and Claire McCaskill. They might not go for Blackburn’s attack on DACA or Aderholt’s attempt to nuke Obama’s executive overreach. But what about Martha Roby’s more limited bill to defund the November amnesty, which will presumably pass later today? Would Democrats be willing to vote for that, knowing that Obama will veto it if it passes and DHS will be defunded?

Seems like it’s a foregone conclusion to me. (Not the one we were hoping for.)

Great speeches on the House floor, though.

Senator Ted Cruz issued the following statement on the passage of H.R. 240, the Department of Homeland Security Appropriations Act:

“Today, the House of Representatives passed serious legislation that fully funds the U.S. Department of Homeland Security but denies President Obama any federal funds to carry out his illegal executive amnesty. I would like to applaud House leadership for its efforts, and also applaud the members of the House who fought successfully to have key language included to defund any expansion of the President’s illegal amnesty. It now falls to the Senate to take up the House bill, preserving those key provisions, and send it to the President, fulfilling our promise to the American people that we will put a stop to President Obama’s unconstitutional actions.”



One thought on “House Passes Spending Bill To Stop Obama’s Executive Amnesty (Video)

  1. This is all smoke and mirrors. Roby just admitted the other day that her own bill had a pathway to citizenship for illegals. I wonder how that’s gonna sell back in Alabama?

    Before anything that resembles a gubermint shutdown, the weasel, entrenched, establishment republics will cave. No doubt about it. Especially after the recent events of Paris. There is no way they will allow their fingerprint on anything that resembles a shutdown, even if it’s done at the hands of uhbama.

    They started raising the White Flags yesterday in a article in The Hill.


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