Ralph Peters: Obama Would Have “Easier Time Dealing With GWOT If Terrorists Were Southern Baptists or Israeli Jews”

That Lt. Col. Ralph Peters has been on quite a tear lately. And he must be good for ratings, because he’s been on Fox every day this week.

On Hannity, Wednesday night, the host wanted to talk about the apparent snubs by French President Hollande toward Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, which Peters felt was bad judgement but could be explained by France’s geopolitical interests.

“What I find inexplicable is President Obama and his cabinet’s refusal to go – to participate – the apparent order to even Eric Holder not to show up even though he was in Paris,” Peters said, repeating a suggestion he made earlier this week, that cabinet members were ordered not to go.

Sean pressed Peters to explain what possible reason Obama had to behave this way.

“I think it goes back to Obama’s insistence that there’s no such thing as Islamist terror,” Peters declared. “And Obama — once he makes up his mind about something — I suspect he made up his mind about Islam 30-40 years ago — you can’t move him. He can’t learn from new facts. And even though it’s six years into his office, he’s seen the proliferation of Islamist terror, literally around the world, he’s still clinging to this idea that Islam is somehow benign.”

He added, “You’ve got to look at the background of the man – in Indonesia, his nutcase left-wing mom, all his years in Chicago and elsewhere in the company of leftists… And I do believe …that the president romanticizes Islam, and he really sees the religion of Islam as oppressed while he sees Christianity and Judaism as the oppressors. I sincerely believe this president would have an easier time dealing with a war on terror if the terrorists were Southern Baptists or Israeli Jews.”


NRO: Krauthammer’s Take: Islamic Terrorism Is Not on the Run, It’s Out in the Open

On Wednesday’s Special Report, Charles Krauthammer said the Obama administration’s distinction between “core al-Qaeda” and various groups of Islamic terrorists around the world has become functionally meaningless.

“What you’ve got is a competition between, on the one hand, ISIS, on the other hand, core al Qaeda with its core and its affiliates, and the fact that we focus on one or the other is beside the point,” Krauthammer said. “What’s new is the geography of this terrorism. Each of these now is developing its own sovereign territory.”

Andrew McCarthy, NRO: I’m Glad Obama Skipped Paris

Over the objections of the Egyptian government, the administration invited top officials of the then-banned Muslim Brotherhood to Obama’s Cairo speech — notwithstanding that the Brotherhood is rabidly anti-American and had just been proved in an American criminal trial (the Holy Land Foundation case) to be the driving force behind a multimillion-dollar Hamas-support conspiracy. After the Egyptian government fell, Secretary Clinton exerted pressure on the generals then in control to cede power to the elected Brotherhood government, which had vowed to implement a sharia constitution. When the generals agreed to step aside, and the Islamists predictably released terrorist suspects, stepped up the persecution of non-Muslims, and engineered adoption of a sharia constitution, the Obama administration continued to support it with lavish financial and military aid — aid it threatened to cut off only after the Egyptian armed forces, with broad public support, ousted the Brotherhood from power.

Obama is so preternaturally averse to acknowledging jihadist terrorism that he absurdly rebranded the War on Terror as “Overseas Contingency Operations.” His administration refused to acknowledge that the Fort Hood Massacre, in which a brazen jihadist mass-murdered thirteen American soldiers, was jihadist terrorism, insisting, instead, on the ludicrous label of “workplace violence” — belittling the heroism and ultimate sacrifice of those who were about to deploy to battle terrorists in Afghanistan. Meanwhile, when Afghan Muslims rioted and murdered over the accidental destruction of Korans, Obama . . . apologized to Afghanistan.

The president and his underlings purged information about Islamic supremacism and its instigation of terrorism from materials used to train intelligence, military, and law-enforcement personnel. Instructors who lectured on these materials were terminated, as were others who refused to conform to the administration’s delusional, counter-historical, counter-commonsense smiley-face jihad.

Consistent with the administration’s undermining of the First Amendment in the Istanbul process, the Justice Department refused to rule out proposals to criminalize speech unflattering to Islam. In congressional testimony, Attorney General Eric Holder refused to utter the words “radical Islam,” much less to concede the nexus between Islamic-supremacist doctrine and terrorist attacks by Muslims. Even this weekend, after the jihad mass murders in Paris made it politically impossible to resist the word “terrorism” and the discussion of Islam’s connection to it, Holderrejected the phrase “radical Islam” –  blathering, instead, about how terrorists “use a corrupted version of Islam” to rationalize their attacks (while conveniently omitting mention of the authoritative scriptures and mainstream sharia jurists endorsing jihadist terror).

 Gateway Pundit: ONE WEEK AFTER PARIS TERROR ATTACKS – Obama Releases Five More Gitmo Detainees

One week after the Paris terrorist attacks Barack Obama has decided to release five more Yemeni Guantanamo terrorists.

Al Qaeda in Yemen took credit for the Paris attacks in a video released Wednesday.

The terrorists will go to Oman and Estonia.

He is relentlessly evil.


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