Holder on Defensive: “Our Record of Support for Law Enforcement Has Been Strong and Unambiguous (Video)

Speaking at a Justice Department event honoring Martin Luther King Jr. on Thursday, Attorney General Eric Holder said  he was  “troubled and deeply disturbed by recent mischaracterizations” of the Obama administration’s regard for police officers. The comments came in the wake of a scathing open letter to Holder from a retired FBI agent that went viral.

“For the past six years, our record of support for law enforcement has been both strong and unambiguous,” Holder intoned.

The fact that the top law enforcement officer of the United States felt the need to get in front of a microphone and insist that he has been a big supporter of law enforcement – tells you all you need to know about how “unambiguous” that support has been.

Shannon Bream, filling in for Megyn Kelly, Thursday night, had former DOJ Civil Rights Attorney J Christian Adams on to discuss the letter, and Holder’s bristling response.

“This attorney general, contrary to what he said, today, has done more to put police officers in danger than any other attorney general though his policies, through his priorities, through his rhetoric,” Adams said. “He’s put officers in danger by opposing what officers try to do. This letter details a lot of the harm that this attorney general has done, and it’s coming from a former FBI agent who worked with the Justice Department on a lot of high profile civil rights cases.”

Adams continued blasting Holder; “this justice department has opposed the cops in so many ways, we don’t have the time to cover it,” he said. “They’ve imposed sensitivity training on police officers to be conducted by radical anti-cop groups and the tax payers are paying for it. They want to collect data on police officers, impose federal will on local police departments. The record is not something he can gloss over in one speech at Main Justice this afternoon.”

As regards to the always controversial Al Sharpton, Adams said, “this is not good company to keep for a person who believes in the rule of law.”

He added, “this is a person who should not be within a hundred miles of this White House, but he seems to have an open invitation both to the 5th floor of the Justice Department and to the Oval Office.”

I recommend you skip the next segment as Bream had on a black pastor to talk about his solutions for “healing the racial divide.” The solutions include “economic development” programs, police reforms and educational reforms. In other words – stuff that won’t make a damn bit of difference because the problems are not ones that government can solve.


4 thoughts on “Holder on Defensive: “Our Record of Support for Law Enforcement Has Been Strong and Unambiguous (Video)

  1. There’s a race war in progress. It’s even been acknowledged by a black state legislator. Unless one side surrenders preemptively, nothing except actual combat can bring it to an end — and Eric Holder’s “Justice” Department has enlisted on one side.

    I’d rather have believed anything else, but the facts are simply too raw, too stark…and I have resolved never to hold an opinion in contradiction of an observable fact.

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  2. I just wanted to let you know I reposted both the letter from yesterday as well as today’s post above along with what I feel are my heartfelt thoughts as to what I feel is a completely racist administration from the top down.

    I’m also afraid that Mr. Porretto above is correct. This administration has in fact foment a rekindling of the race war and one only has to look at their alignment with Sharpton to realize this is sadly true.

    One last thing. Since I started following your blog, I always find well researched posts and I only wish I had the time to dig as deep as you seem to do. You do a great and needed job! Kudos!

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  3. Thank you joe – I really appreciate your compliment. I don’t know if I would call what we’ve been witnessing a “Race War” but I know that this Regime is run by racial agitators who have no problem stoking racial flames for political expedience. Obama has never the nation’s best interests at heart – he only thinks in terms of political power – what’s best for the party. And the Democrat party under Obama is a far left, fascist, authoritarian party. No good things are going to come from this administration for the next two years. In fact – as he just told Democrats – he’s “going on the offensive.”


  4. I was reading this as I was eating lunch, and I snorted Dr. Pepper out through my nose when I read that Eric Holder quote, “For the past six years, our record of support for law enforcement has been both strong and unambiguous.”

    Good gosh, I can’t stop laughing… That’s hysterical. And he said this with straight face?

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