Jeanine Pirro: “We’re Not Winning The War On Terror”

Jeane Pirro took the opportunity to blast the president’s “strategy” for the global war on terror, starting with his insistence on emptying Gitmo at a time when Islamic terrorism is on the rise and replenishing the enemy.

“ISIS is bigger, richer, and more determined than it’s ever been,” Pirro lamented.

“I believe that without the will to destroy the enemy, without the purpose of winning at all costs, we simply cannot and will not succeed.”

Pirro listed off an impressive array of unfortunate policies that have been adopted by the Obama Regime.

“We don’t win by returning the enemy to the battlefield,” she began. “We don’t win by failing to identify the enemy, or by cutting back the military to pre-WWII levels, we don’t win by removing the word Islamic from extremist in White House talking points, we don’t win by apologizing for Americans who simply expressed their First Amendment free speech rights, and we don’t win  by allowing people who joined radicalized groups to remain here in the United States. We don’t win by treating Jihad as a law enforcement problem giving Constitutional rights to terrorists. We don’t win by dismantling intel programs that put undercover officers in Mosques in Muslim areas, and  we don’t win by scheduling another conference. We don’t win by leaving our border open,” she concluded.

Policies she recommended included cutting off funding for terror-supporting nations, encouraging other Muslim nations to duplicate Egypt’s refusal to tolerate Islamic extremists, stop worrying about the politics, and start talking about solutions.

Pirro had Col David Hunt (Retired) on to discuss the global war on terror.

And to the delight of leftists everywhere, she apologized for the mistake her guest Steven Emerson made last week, when he declared that the city of Birmingham, England is a “totally Muslim” “no-go zone.” It is in fact only about 22% Muslim and 46% Christian. Prime Minister David Cameron said he choked on his porridge when he heard what Emerson, a guest who probably won’t be returning to Fox News any time soon, said.

4 thoughts on “Jeanine Pirro: “We’re Not Winning The War On Terror”

  1. Thank goodness the Judge took the time to apologize for Emerson’s gaff that he made last week. After all, we wouldn’t want Cameron to choke on his porridge or anything else for that matter.

    There is no use in overstating the problem over there, especially since they’ve been in denial for years with the problem just like we’ve been here.

    From the Economist:

    Emerson has been warning of the impeding situation for decades now, since at least the 80’s that I’m aware of. He appeared on for years, but I guess he doesn’t fit their narrative any longer. They now have the apologist {Kholman} on there carrying their water now, who promotes “let’s not be too harsh on muslims.”

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  2. The left had multiple orgasims all last week over the fact that someone got something wrong on “Faux News.” Like that doesn’t happen on PMSNBC every single day.


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