Report: Obama White House Behind Bergdahl Report Delay (Video)

The Army investigation of alleged deserter Bowe Bergdahl was completed months ago, and the report has been done for some time,  but for some reason, there has been a delay in releasing the report. Sources at the Pentagon are telling Fox News military analysts that the White House is behind the delay of the report, and it is pressuring the Army “to go easy” on Bergdahl because of the political fallout Obama will have to endure when it is confirmed that he traded 5 Taliban terrorists for one Army deserter, which Fox News military analyst Lt. Col. Bill Cowan (ret.) called “an error of monstrous proportions.”

A decision is expected “fairly soon” on whether the Army will court martial Bergdahl for deserting his post in Afghanistan, or has cleared him, in which case he could receive back pay in excess of $200,000.

 Moreover, a decision to clear Bergdahl may well open the door for him to be designated a former prisoner of war, ensuring him substantial monthly pay, medical and educational benefits for the rest of his life.


Army Gen. Ken Dahl, who conducted the investigation, has certainly been under pressure to do it right. So too is Army Gen. Mark Milley, who, based on Dahl’s findings, will make the ultimate decision on whether to charge Bergdahl. Both generals know that the White House is watching them closely, as is America, and as are military servicemen and women worldwide. Very closely. And we can guess what the White House wants.
In White House terms, not charging Bergdahl means that he was indeed worth the trade for the Taliban Five. But charging him on any level means that releasing the five Taliban was an error of monstrous proportions, one the administration will never be able to explain away satisfactorily.

Watch for the announcement, in all likelihood on a Friday afternoon. If Bergdahl is charged, the administration will hope it’s old news by Monday. If he’s not charged, it will be big news for a long time to come.

Lt. Col Tony Shaffer (Ret) told Bill O’Reilly on Friday that “this is not a Pentagon or Army issue at this point.” Reliable sources, he claimed, are telling him that how the report comes out “is now at the feet of the White House.” He added another source tells him that that there is “pressure from the White House to go easy on Bergdahl because President Obama embraced the family when he first returned.”

Shaffer went on to say that his sources tell him that the report validates in greater detail the original report that was done within months of Bergdahl walking away from his post.


PJ Media: Six Years In, Left Still Doesn’t Understand Who They Elected

Obama wasn’t in Paris for the same reason he hired and refuses to fire Eric Holder; for the same reason he tries to humiliate Netanyahu; for the same reason he apologized for Western civilization in Cairo; for the same reason he presented a “reset button” to a tyrant; for the same reason he helped usher the world’s foundational terror movement into power in Egypt; for the same reason Josh Earnest still — still! — was forbidden to say the word “Islamic terrorism.”

Obama does not want to overhaul his foreign policy, it’s doing perfectly fine in his estimation, and perhaps it’s just the ideal time to empty out Gitmo and reach out to Communist Cuba.


5 thoughts on “Report: Obama White House Behind Bergdahl Report Delay (Video)

  1. It has pretty much for a while now been anticipated that the coming report was going to be a whitewash and a cover up. The President as CiC is part of the Military Chain of Command. That does not however give him license to intercede and influence the outcome of a “Official Investigation”.

    The administration doesn’t have a clue as to the reaction and ire they are going to stir up amongst the retired community and Veterans Organizations. His favorability ratings are amongst the lowest I’ve ever seen in recent polls of Active Duty Personnel.

    Morale is low, the cut and run surrender policies of these wars are not appreciated by the Military, they don’t feel like they or their sacrifices are appreciated either. They feel the multiple deployments, the loss of life, the thousands of wounded and maimed was all a waste of time.

    This is jimma karta’s second term, only worse.

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  2. Plus, I think we’ve seen this movie before. If a result what the Regime wants, it is released in a punctual manner. If it is not what the Regime wants – if in fact it makes the Commander in Chief look like a ridiculous assclown at best, a treasonous snake at worst, we just might see a bit of a delay.


  3. So depressing. We now live in a corrupt, banana republic. I just can’t believe so many people seem to be ok with this.


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