Donald Trump: “Mitt Romney Had His Chance – He Choked” (Video)

Donald Trump, holding forth in the hallway outside the auditorium at the Iowa Freedom summit, Saturday morning, came out very strongly against Mitt Romney running for president again.

Many of the points he made here, were also in the speech –  namely his contention that “Mitt Romney had his chance – and he choked.” Trump went on to say that “something happened to him in the last month of that campaign – and he just blew it. Whether he choked, or something very bad happened to him,  I don’t think the Republicans can afford to give him another chance.” In case we didn’t get the message, he added, “his performance was a total joke.”

Here is La Donald’s full speech where he announces that he’s seriously thinking about running for president. (SMH.)

Via Freedom’s Lighthouse:

Video: Carly Fiorina – A Force To Be Reckoned With

Carly Fiorina, the first woman to lead a Fortune 500 business, gave an impressive speech at the Iowa Freedom Summit, suggesting that she is serious about running for president in 2016.

Rocking pink tinted hair to match her pink outfit, Fiorina slammed the hypocritical Democrats who belittled Joanie Ernst’s SOTU response.

“Emily’s List described Joanie Ernst – a mother, a soldier, a sitting senator – as window dressing. Let us talk please about who is running a war on women.”

You’ll love her question to Valerie Jarrett, who appeared with her on a morning show last week to talk about “equal pay for equal work.” Makes you want to dig up that video to see Jarrett’s stuttering response.

Fiorina, who has not always been regarded as being solidly pro-life, also touted her faith and her pro-life convictions with great conviction. Her Christian faith helped her get through the most excruciating thing a parent can go through – the death of a child a few years ago while she was battling breast cancer.

Here’s Carly Fiorina – another possible contender for 2016 – and a clearly a force to be reckoned with.

Video: Scott Walker Goes “Big and Bold” at #IAFreedomSummit


There was a lot of competition but Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker was my favorite speech at the Iowa Freedom Summit, Saturday, with Carly Fiorina coming in a close second.

Lack of personal charisma has always been a problem for Walker, but that wasn’t apparent in his speech before the sold-out crowd at Hoyt Sherman Place in Des Moines. Someone with as long a list of accomplishments as Walker’s doesn’t need to wow people with charm and charisma – not that it was lacking, yesterday.

Walker paced the stage, touting the conservative reforms he pushed through blue state Wisconsin, which resulted in a balanced budget. “If you’re not afraid to go big and go bold, you can actually get results,” he said.

In the perhaps the most compelling segment of his speech, Walker thanked the Iowans who prayed for him during his fight against the public sector unions, and ensuing recall effort. Besides the protests at the Capitol, he and his family faced constant harassment at home and death threats – including one person who promised to gut his wife “like a deer.” Another one told his wife that if she didn’t stop Walker, he would be the first Wisconsin governor to be assassinated.

Walker, a Pastor’s son, said that the prayers helped them to get through those dark days.

“Here in Wisconsin because of our reforms, we didn’t just balance the budget, there’s no more seniority or tenure -you hire and fire whoever you want based on performance,” Walker said to great applause..

Walker also took credit for passing pro-life legislation and defunding Planned Parenthood, rolling back excessive regulations on small businesses and family farmers, passing “aggressive lawsuit reforms”, and passing a conceal/carry law “so law abiding citizens can stand up and protect themselves, their families, and their properties.”



Video: Dreamers Disrupt Rick Perry’s Speech At #IAFreedomSummit


Governor Rick Perry was disrupted by so called “dreamers” at the Iowa Freedom Summit, Saturday. You can hear them yelling at about 12:45 minutes into his speech.


They came armed with signs with the word “deportable” emblazoned across them in reference to a comment the IA summit’s host Steve King made on Twitter before the president’s State of the Union speech, Tuesday.

Referring to Ana Zamora, a 20-year-old undocumented student from Dallas who sat with the first lady during the speech, he said, “#Obama perverts ‘prosecutorial discretion’ by inviting a deportable to sit in place of honor at #SOTU w/1st Lady,” King wrote. “I should sit with Alito.”

They came, made their point as loudly and obnoxiously as possible, and were promptly ushered out:

They’re deportable, but won’t be deported thanks to Obama’s protective pen. Instead, they will heckle our politicians until they’re given full citizenship.