Donald Trump: “Mitt Romney Had His Chance – He Choked” (Video)

Donald Trump, holding forth in the hallway outside the auditorium at the Iowa Freedom summit, Saturday morning, came out very strongly against Mitt Romney running for president again.

Many of the points he made here, were also in the speech –  namely his contention that “Mitt Romney had his chance – and he choked.” Trump went on to say that “something happened to him in the last month of that campaign – and he just blew it. Whether he choked, or something very bad happened to him,  I don’t think the Republicans can afford to give him another chance.” In case we didn’t get the message, he added, “his performance was a total joke.”

Here is La Donald’s full speech where he announces that he’s seriously thinking about running for president. (SMH.)

Via Freedom’s Lighthouse:


4 thoughts on “Donald Trump: “Mitt Romney Had His Chance – He Choked” (Video)

  1. Man I like the Donald-I could easily vote for him although I do like Ted but Mr Trump always speaks his mind, no holds barred-how could you not like him?

    One more thing, I know he loves this country and he knows, unleashed, we are invincible. He’s so not PC.

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  2. Be forewarned about DonALL THUMP.
    {Mark this post for future reference!}

    The DonALL does nothing that doesn’t self promote himself and his business. Having grown up in New York he has been “toying” with running for every office from the Mayor of NYC to Governor and now several times for President. He has never ran for anything in all the time I’ve seen him.

    He is the biggest self absorbed, egotistical, blowhard, narcissists, BS artist I’ve ever seen. He does not do anything that doesn’t self promote himself or his business. He always plays both sides against each other. He is one of the biggest donors to both repubics and demoCraps in New York State.

    He was a frequent basher of Bush 43 in his second term. He contributes to the likes of Schmucky Shumer, Hillary, and Cuomo along with scores of other left wingers.

    I listened to that stump speech yesterday, it sounded great, nothing I haven’t heard out of his mouth before . . . . . and nada. Go back and listen to it again when you do count the number of I-I’s, Me-Me’s, I’ve Built, I’m great, I’m wonderful, I know this one, have you heard my show is terrific If I were .

    If you listen closely he’ll sound and look like a Uhbama in a blonde wig and white face without the ebonics..

    He’ll play this for every piece of publicity he can and when he has squeezed out every drop he can, his story will be “due to my business commitments I’m prohibited from running, I’m making far too much money in my business and cannot walk away from any of my projects.”

    He been there, done all of that before and people keep falling for it.

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