Iraqi Father Avenges Son’s Death, Shooting 7 ISIS Goons With An AK-47 Before Getting Gunned Down Himself

Basil Ramadan is destined to become a legend in Iraq.

The father, who is said to be in his sixties, was gunned down at an ISIS checkpoint in Tikrit, according to local reports, but don’t hold your breath waiting for ISIS to release that snuff video. Because Ramadan managed to gun down seven ISIS cockroaches before they got him.

Mr. Ramadan had vowed revenge for his son’s execution and he got it — even though it cost him his life.

Details are sketchy, but reports say the father made his way to an ISIS checkpoint near Tikrit in Iraq and when his vehicle got close enough, Basil Ramadan jumped out with his AK-47 and released a hail of bullets into his son’s murderers.

Via The Daily Mail:

Mr Ramadan’s son, Ahmed Basil, 18, was one of eight men executed by ISIS in January, accused of infiltrating the organisation and spying for the Iraqi government.

ISIS released photos from a video of the execution of Ahmed Basil Ramadan and seven others, all said to be police officers, accused of informing on Islamic State for the Iraqi government.

Entitled ‘the Day of Judgement’, the photos from the video show eight Iraqi men dressed in orange Guantanamo Bay style jumpsuits.


In the video, Ahmad Basil Ramadan is accused of giving information on the location of Islamic State soldier houses.

The leader of the group is named as Captain Hossam Salah Bnosh. According to Islamic State media, Bnosh and seven other police officers converted to Sunni Islam and joined Islamic State.

However once they had infiltrated the Islamic State security forces, they began to secretly spy for the Iraqi government.

The group are accused of providing intelligence information to the Iraqi government, identifying targets for coalition airstrikes against Islamic State.

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2 thoughts on “Iraqi Father Avenges Son’s Death, Shooting 7 ISIS Goons With An AK-47 Before Getting Gunned Down Himself

  1. So the problem isn’t that we don’t know where they are–they have official, established checkpoints, e.g. The problem is that Obama won’t go after them. He won’t attack his co-religionists? Maybe. He won’t attack fellow-America haters? Maybe. He’s a pacifist? Maybe. He wants to negotiate with ISIS (as with the Iranian government, or the Taliban, or the PLO, or any other group of Muslim terrorists he can find)? Maybe. But what is certain is that, in full knowledge of where to find them and what they do to Americans and others, Obama will not seriously strike. He does not want to.


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