Video: Highlights From Today’s House Immigration Hearing

Bob Goodlatte, Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, kicked off a hearing today, entitled, “Examining the adequacy and enforcement of our nation’s immigration laws.”

The hearing focused on the lack of interior enforcement of US immigration laws and how it has led to a broken immigration system.

“Given this administration’s failure to enforce our immigration laws, we could line Border Patrol agents shoulder-to-shoulder at the southern border and it would not matter.

“Why? Because once apprehended by the Border Patrol, many of the children, teenagers, and adults arriving at the border simply game our asylum and immigration laws that the Obama Administration has severely weakened.”

Highlights from the hearing via Rollcall:

The House Judiciary Committee kicked off a Republican push on immigration bills Tuesday with witnesses who gave President Barack Obama’s enforcement policies unflattering descriptions, such as “permanent dysfunction” and “an intentional and flagrant disregard of the law.”

Pinal County AZ Country Sheriff Paul Babeu was one of the witnesses who offered “unflattering descriptions of what he’s been dealing with in Arizona.

Rep. Hank (Guam) Johnson (D-uh) complained when Rep. Trey Gowdy interrupted his dopey line of questioning.

“Is it within the rules of this committee that the Chairman can interrupt a legislator asking a question of a witness…” Johnson whined.

“If that legislator is not allowing the witness to answer the question, you’re dadgum right he can,” Gowdy answered with typical aplomb.

This is from Johnson’s Youtube channel: Trey Gowdy supresses (sic) Rep. Johnson’s line of questions:


USA Today: Democrats block effort to derail immigration order

On the Senate side, things are going swimmingly.

Senate Democrats blocked passage Tuesday of a Homeland Security spending bill that would have derailed President Obama’s order to protect about 4 million undocumented immigrants from deportation.

Senators voted 51-48 on a procedural motion to bring the bill to the Senate floor, falling short of the 60 votes needed. Republican Dean Heller of Nevada joined with unanimous Democrats and independents to block the bill.

Unless a compromise on a new bill can be reached by the end of the month, funding for the Department of Homeland Security will expire and the agency will face a partial shutdown.

It’s not clear what Republican leaders in the House and Senate will do now.

 Roll Call: Graham Dings Cruz Effort to Block Loretta Lynch:

Sen. Lindsey Graham is knocking Sen. Ted Cruz’s effort to block Loretta Lynch from becoming attorney general over immigration.

Graham said Cruz’s proposed blockade would just leave Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. in charge.

“Nobody is going to say that the executive order is illegal that President Obama appoints, so the idea that we would block an attorney general nominee until you’ve gotten somebody to agree with Sen. Cruz about the executive order is probably not feasible,” he said. “It ensures that Eric Holder stays in place for two years. It’s picking a fight that we can’t win.”

Graham, like Cruz, is a member of the Judiciary Committee. Both are considering running for the GOP presidential nomination.

Graham added that the GOP should “pick fights that are good for the country, that are winnable.”

“I don’t find Loretta Lynch an unqualified person,” he said.


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  1. Good grief . . . . can you imagine the legions of Phi Beta Kappa and Mensa members that come from that district that Johnson represents? I would be the last one to pile on but, before Johnson they had that other brain surgeon Cythina McKinney, who represented them.

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