Jordan Launches Airstrikes Against ISIS in Iraq killing 55

Reporting from Jordan on Wednesday, Fox News’ Shepard Smith said that while Jordan remains divided on their role in the US led coalition, there’s no disagreement that “ISIS must pay for what it did to one of Jordan’s own.”

If the Islamic State mutants were trying to be goad Jordan into action, they succeeded.

Via Arab News:

Jordan called Wednesday for a decisive battle against the Islamic State group, declaring “this evil can and should be defeated,” after the militants burned a Jordanian pilot to death in a cage and gleefully broadcast the horrific images on outdoor screens in their stronghold.

Waves of revulsion over the killing washed across the Middle East, a region long accustomed to violence. In mosques, streets and coffee shops, Muslims denounced the militants’ brutality and distanced themselves from their violent version of Islam.

Rumors abound that King Abdullah will be flying sorties on ISIS targets himself (highly unlikely as he reportedly doesn’t fly F-16s.) But Jordanian media is reporting that he will be taking part in the airstrikes.

Via The International Business Times: 

A day after the Islamic State released a video showing a Jordanian pilot being burned alive, Jordan launched airstrikes against the group in Iraq that killed 55 people, including a top commander known as the “Prince of Nineveh,” Iraqi media reported Wednesday. The airstrikes came just hours after Jordan’s King Abdullah II pledged a “severe” response.

“The blood of martyr Maaz al-Kassasbeh [also spelled Muath al-Kaseasbeh] will not be in vain, and the response of Jordan and its army after what happened to our dear son will be severe,” the king said in a statement released by the royal court. Jordan also executed two jihadist prisoners by hanging Wednesday morning, government spokesman Mohammed al-Momani said.

Jordan had said it would beef up its role in the U.S.-led coalition against the militant group also known as ISIS. White House spokesman Alistair Baskey said, “The president and King Abdullah reaffirmed that the vile murder of this brave Jordanian will only serve to steel the international community’s resolve to destroy IS.”

It is being reported in the Arab media that the ISIS commander who captured the Jordanian pilot was killed in the bombing attack.

Meanwhile, there are also reports in the Arab media that ISIS killed four of their own fighters because they objected to the method of killing the Jordanian pilot.

A rough translation from that report.

The Jordanian TV that there is a mass escape of elements of the organization of tenderness towards Turkish territory , while the terrorist organization executed four of its elements after their protest against the killing forbid Kasasbeh burned .

Happening now is headed in these moments of His Majesty King Abdullah II, a high-level security meeting .

Agencies, local and international news , as quoted by the Jordanian security sources said that Jordan is considering all military options to eliminate the terrorist organization.

Thursday morning on Fox and friends:

“King Abdullah – unlike our own president – is taking a tough stand.”


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