Obama Equivocates: “People Have Committed Terrible Deeds In the Name Of Christ”

*It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a progressive in good standing must denounce Christianity in the wake of every terror attack – no matter how vicious.

It should surprise no one that Barack Hussein Obama – a leftist’s leftist – would engage in this repellent ritual. That he would choose the National Prayer Breakfast as the venue for this decrepit moral equivalence – is only icing on the cake.

In the same week that Islamic Jihadists burned a Jordanian pilot alive in a cage, and then broadcast the atrocity on a big screen in their stronghold in Syria, Obama felt the need to point out that such atrocities carried out in the name of faith are “not unique to one group or one religion.” He felt compelled to put Christianity, which spread through peaceful evangelization – in the same league as Islam, which has only spread through compulsion and terror from its onset.

How dare he.

This “leader” is telegraphing to the entire world that he has no intention of stopping the genocidal carnage that is being perpetrated throughout the world in the name of Islam.

Instead, Obama – the Narcissist-in-Chief – called on Americans to “start with some…humility.”

He lectured us to “not be so full of yourself and so confident that you are right” and that “somehow we alone are in possession of the truth.”

Here’s the sad truth: For the next two years, we can look forward to watching Christians, Yazidis, Kurds and other religious minorities in the Middle East and North Africa get slaughtered in unimaginably horrific ways with very little pushback from the United States Military. Our “humility” will prevent us from butting in, I suppose.

Keep this in mind the next time an atrocity happens in the name of Islam, and Obama reacts in an emotionless monotone and then trots off to the golf course. Understand that this president is only upset to the degree that he has been inconvenienced by it.

This Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces believes that we are no better than they are.

He is a disgrace to his office.

Video via Gateway Pundit:


Because we need to emotionally prepare ourselves for what is coming…..

Weasel Zippers: White House Says Obama’s Upcoming Summit On “Violent Extremism” Will NOT Focus On Radical Islam…

What makes this even more mind-numbing is Earnest was asked the question in relation to today’s Islamic State execution of a Jordanian pilot.

EARNEST: Muslims are not the only ones at risk, we have talked about other violent extremists who are not Muslim who have carried out acts of violence in this country.

WHD: Obama Attacks Free Speech at Prayer Breakfast

*Yes, I’m a Jane Austin fan.



4 thoughts on “Obama Equivocates: “People Have Committed Terrible Deeds In the Name Of Christ”

  1. say good bye to freedom of speech and the 2nd amendment. you voted for him and allow the congress to sit without doing anything to protect the constitution. it is all the fault of the people. so get going and really let your politicians know what they have to do. in their face 24 hours a day.


  2. There should be no doubt by now in anyone’s mind that this guy is a empty suit, he isn’t any where as smart as he was promoted to be or that he thinks he is.

    He is a legend in his own mind.

    Anyone who has been paying attention should be able to cite dozens of statements coming from him that is usually proven wrong within hours, if not minutes.

    You would think he had learned this lesson way back when:

    “It’s better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than open it and remove all doubt” ― Mark Twain

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