Holder Justice Dept. Greenlighted Bergdahl Swap (Video)

Both Republicans and some Democrats have been saying since the Bergdahl/Taliban 5 swap was announced last May, that the Obama administration had violated the law by going over Congress’s heads. Talking heads have wondered what/who made the White House think it had the authority to make the deal without giving Congress the required thirty day notice.

Congress’s investigative arm, the GAO recently ruled that the Obama administration actually violated two different laws when it traded five Taliban commanders for the deserter Bowe Bergdahl without consulting Congress.

At a Senate Armed Services Committee Hearing, Thursday, it was finally revealed who made the terrible decision – it was the Holder Justice Department.

Via Fox News:

Speaking to the Senate Arms Services Committee, defense official Brian McKeon was questioned on what is still a sore spot for many members of Congress: that the administration went forward with the Taliban-Bergdahl swap without giving Congress the typically required 30-day notification.

Sen. Thom Tillis, R-N.C., asked McKeon why Congress was not informed, “as per the statutes.”

McKeon said he understands the Department of Justice and the department’s general counsel “interpreted the president’s powers because of the security risks and safety of Sergeant Bergdahl necessitated proceeding without the 30-day notice.”

Greta Van Susteren had reporters from the Washington Post and the Washington Times on Thursday night’s On the Record to talk about the revelation.

As Holder might say, “pay no attention to the interesting sound bites below – they are simply not consistent with facts.

Another stellar accomplishment to add to Eric Holder’s amazing repertoire of failure.



One thought on “Holder Justice Dept. Greenlighted Bergdahl Swap (Video)

  1. Is anybody surprised at this revelation? Nobody should be, it’s ordinarily called CYA {cover yer rear}. He runs to his ideologue twin in order to formulate a BS story cloaked to resemble some basis of law. Just so if he is ever called in to account for it, he can stand there and say. . . . “not me, it’s that guy”.

    Behold things are about to get much better though when, Loretta Lynch Holder takes over. Who openly testified that she had no clue about our Constitution or Law, when questioned. As the repubics line up at the cameras to pledge support for her appointment.

    Change you can Believe in


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