Dr. Ben Carson Reacts to Obama’s Prayer Breakfast Speech: “Perhaps We’re Being Betrayed”

Famed Pediatric Neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson suggested that Christians are being betrayed by their president on Fox and Friends Saturday.

Asked about Barack Obama’s controversial National Prayer Breakfast remarks, Carson said, “well, certainly his words give us some insight into his thinking and his actions or lack thereof, and, you know, there have been atrocities committed throughout human history in the name of religion, and they’re all horrible, and to sit down and try to decide which one is worse than the other, doesn’t make any sense. We should condemn them all, give no quarter to anyone who is involved in such activities, and to try to divert the attention away from the outrage that has been focused on the radical Islamic terrorists, in this manner is rather disingenuous, I’m sure, to say the least.”

In response to how he reacted to the president’s remarks as a Christian, Carson said, “obviously, it makes me feel that perhaps we’re being betrayed. perhaps we don’t have a leader who feels the same about things as most of us do, but the good thing is, we have a system in place, that has allowed us to take control.

Dr. Carson also discussed with Tucker Carlson his personal formula for success – “THINK BIG.”

With an acrostic, Dr. Carson spells out his philosophy of living:

  • T-Talents/time: Recognize them as gifts.

  • H -Hope for all good things and be honest.

  • I -Insight from people and good books.

  • N -Be nice to all people.

  • K -Knowledge: Recognize it as the key to living.

  • B -Books: Read them actively.

  • I -In-depth learning skills: Develop them.

  • G -God: Never get too big for Him.

Left wing extremist group, Southern Poverty Law Center has decided to put Dr. Carson on their “Extremist Watch List.” Because in America, today, if you are a proponent  for traditional marriage, you are an EXTREMIST who needs to be WATCHED.

Via Legal Insurrection:

SPLC’s “Extremist” watch lists are particularly notorious, and in some cases blatantly political.

Most of the people on the list are on it without much controversy, including Klan and neo-Nazi figures.  But several critics of political Islam are on the list, as was Rand Paul in 2011 (accused ofElectoral Extremism).

Landing on SPLC’s Extremist list can be politically deadly, and also deadly in the real sense.  TheFamily Research Council made the list because of its position on same-sex marriage, inspiring Floyd Lee Corkins to go on a murderous shooting spree at FRC headquarters.

Yesterday I noticed a name I was surprised to see on the list: Ben Carson, listed as “anti-LGBT.”

One gets the definite feeling that progressives like the SPLC and the president of the United States consider “extremists” like the gentle Dr. Ben Carson to be a greater evil and threat to their well-being  than the violent Islamists who are currently rampaging throughout the Middle East and Northern Africa.


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