Jeanine Pirro: Obama Is Comfortable With (Islamic) Extremism (Video)

Jeanine Pirro began her show, Saturday night by criticizing the president’s remarks at the National Prayer Breakfast, saying that  “Barack Obama is comfortable with extremism,” and making plain in her ensuing comments what type of extremism he is comfortable with.

“It explains why he goes golfing within minutes of announcing the beheading of an American,” she contended.

Pirro continued, “with the Crusaders you so easily identify them as Christians, why is it so hard for you to identify today’s jihadi terrorists as Muslim?…That was then and this is now, the Koran is interpreted by some as demanding jihad, the taxing or killing of nonbelievers, and a worldwide caliphate, and, surprise, today’s terrorists are beheading, imposing that same Jizya tax, and in their march to create an even bigger Islamic state. Stop apologizing and stop pussyfooting around with this language dance. We get it. Not all Muslims are terrorists. It was Egypt, the country of 90% Muslim, that rose up against the jihadists, who were also Muslim…Mr. president, please identify what other violence is being committed against Americans in the name of any other religion, or, is it just coincidence?”

She concluded, “the overwhelming majority of Americans think it’s at least somewhat likely Islamic terrorists will launch an attack on US soil soon. But I believe you are so comfortable with extremism, that you’ve lost an understanding of the danger to Americans. You boast a security policy of strategic patience. What are you waiting for? While you wait, they keep winning, and Iran gets closer to nuclear enrichment, all the while you open your borders, reduce our military, and criticize Americans and America at the UN and in Cairo. If nothing more, you’re consistent, extremism is just the part of life. But the danger, your nonchalant attitude puts our entire nation in jeopardy.”

The alarming truth is – other than their votes – this president has had little use for Christians and Jews – and since he has no more elections to win, the mask is slipping.  He has always erred on the side of the Islamist extremists over moderates.

My diagnosis remains what it has always been – Obama is an atheist with Islamic sympathies and with antipathy toward Christians and Jews. Obviously this does not bode well for our country.

Pirro had on a former Muslim Brotherhood terrorist/Christian convert to talk about the Islamic State’s child recruitment practices.



David Gelernter, National Review: Obama’s Political Prayer His remarks were meant to establish his own moral superiority.

As we have seen many times, there is no moment so grave that our current president will not to use it to get up on his high horse, take a shot at Western civilization, and emphasize his own moral superiority.

Why were his comments at the National Prayer Breakfast on “terrible deeds in the name of Christ” so deeply offensive? It wasn’t easy to say right away. We have two minds that work simultaneously, our feeling mind and our thinking mind; they nearly always reach the same conclusion, but our feeling minds often get there first by a mile — they feel instantly that something is wrong — and we are left sputtering inside, angry, in need of a few moments to say why. Here is why:

Ralph Peters, National Review: Obama’s Shaky HistoryJihadis did much more damage than Crusaders.

In his ignorant and bigoted remarks to religious leaders this week, President Obama parroted jihadi propaganda. Bored (when not annoyed) by facts, the president referred to the Crusades and the Inquisition as evidence of the horrors religion can wreak. That kind of talk emboldens the Islamist line that Christian bad behavior justifies the Middle East’s bad behavior even today.

The president knows as little about history as he does about warfare, and even less about religion. But he’s not alone. With the Left’s successful destruction of history instruction in our schools and universities, even “well-educated” creatures of Washington accept the Arab fantasy that the cultural incompetence, practical indolence, and spiritual decay of the entire Middle East stems from Richard Coeur de Lion’s twelfth-century swordplay.

Stop it! All of you! And try reading a book or two on the subject. Meanwhile, here’s a starter course in the vast tragedy jihad has posed for every civilization it’s touched for the past 14 centuries — while the Crusades mythologized by Islam’s apologists were a two-century blip whose only practical legacies are a few ruined castles.

Jonah Goldberg, NRO: Obama The Show: The president’s equivocating radical Islam and Christianity is straight out of an Aaron Sorkin script.


8 thoughts on “Jeanine Pirro: Obama Is Comfortable With (Islamic) Extremism (Video)

  1. I feel NO remorse in saying this:
    Obama is 1) a 10 yr. old in a man’s suit, 2) totally unfit to be in and run “any” American office, 3) not an American citizen, 4) a coward, 5) being under written by George Soros, 6) radically identifying with Islam, and being paid to do so, and 6) not having “any” human rights courage at all, BUT we (our legislators and the American people) are ALSO the cowards for not shipping him out a long time ago. Why is our Congress
    tolerating him!!?? Why did we elect him!?
    He is not worth commenting on–. Sign me…

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  2. I’m starting to get the notion that Miss Piggy across the pond isn’t a “card carrying member of UKIP”. juss a thought, I mean other than the last six years, what else do you have ND? eh?


  3. Read the history of Barack Obama/George Soros, i.e., Barack Obama
    supported by George Soros, both atheists, and George Soros supports at least 50 radical atheistic front organizations, incl. but not limited to the American Communistic Party. They totally endorsed him for his 2nd term.
    Note: When will America stand up and fight; we are at war!? …..

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