Obama On Lower Gas Prices: “You’re Welcome” (Video)

obama ass

President Awesome gave a talk Friday on his kick-ass economy at Ivy Tech Community College in Indianapolis, Indiana where he congratulated himself for lower gas prices at the pump.

“A lot of families are saving a lot of money at the gas pump. That is putting some miles on some folks cars,” Obama said. “And — [laughter] You’re welcome. [Applause]. Although I was telling someone the other day, at some point they will go back up. Don’t start–you know, going out there and ignoring the mileage when you’re buying a new car. You have to keep looking for those savings.”

This guy….

Video via Got News

He’s trolling us, you know. Obama’s trolling everyone in this country who’s figured him out… He hates us, and is now doing things like using his pen to pass to bypass Congress to pass crap we don’t want, throwing insulting and offensive lines in his prayer breakfast speech, and taking credit for stuff he knows we know happened despite his best efforts – just to rub our noses in it.

What Obama’s lofo college-aged audience apparently doesn’t know is that the Saudis are keeping prices low in an effort to collapse shale oil business.

And the increase in production is happening on private lands in spite Obama’s hostility toward the oil industry.

Via AEI, last summer:

 It would be easy to look at the dramatic 35% increase in America’s oil and natural gas production since President Obama took office and think the administration deserves much of the credit. (Not for anyone who has been paying attention -ed.) But the energy boom has happened in spite of him.

Production could have been even greater if the administration embraced America’s new energy superpower status instead of being so hostile to the development of our fossil fuel resources.

Since Obama took office, oil and gas production has soared on private and state land, for which he deserves little or no credit. Meanwhile, production on federal lands has dropped sharply due to a cutback in leasing of deepwater areas for energy development.

The U.S. government leases less than 2.2% of the energy-rich Outer Continental Shelf, and less than 6% of federal onshore lands. Offshore leasing is at half the level recorded during the Clinton administration, and its decline is indicative of Obama’s hostility toward the oil and gas industry.

Nevertheless, thanks to drilling on private and state land, U.S. oil production is on pace to break a 42-year-old record next year.

Want the opposite of a palette cleanser? With apologies in advance – this will almost surely be the dumbest thing you will hear all week:


Good Gad, no wonder PMSNBC is dead last in the ratings.


4 thoughts on “Obama On Lower Gas Prices: “You’re Welcome” (Video)

  1. Golden Rule #1 comes through again, it never fails.

    Rule #1:
    Sooner or later, ALL dopey libs are proven wrong.

    Coming from the guy that said: “We can’t drill our way out of this.”

    Once again Sarah Palin nailed it: “Drill baby, drill.”

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