Fox and Friends: Obama’s Prayer Breakfast Speech Sounds a Little Like Rev. Wright

It’s an interesting take – yet an imperfect comparison. Rev. Wright indicted America specifically, while Obama was indicting Christians. They are both members of the “Blame America First” club, of course, but Obama has the sense to [try to] hide his anti-American inclinations as president.

Via Gateway Pundit: 

Milwaukee’s awesome Sheriff David Clarke also saw shades of Rev. Wright in Obama’s National Prayer Breakfast speech.

In Obama’s demented telling, Christianity is no better than Islam because of the Crusades and the Inquisition – two widely misunderstood Christian undertakings. It is a case of repugnant moral equivalence (and moral preening on Obama’s part.)  POTUS sees himself as a great teacher  standing on the hill preaching to the masses (in a fake black preacher cadence) his take on events that happened 800 years ago,  comparing them to atrocities that are happening today. “Get off ye high horses – o ye hypocrites!”

As if the Crusades were fought by bunch of marauding, medieval Jesus-freaks waging war against peaceful Muslims in their lands for no other reason than bloodlust. And any atrocities that resulted were based on the commands of Jesus Christ himself because they did it in His name.

How dare he. Obama’s ignorant moral relativism at once insulted Christians and lent credibility to age-old Jihadi propaganda against Christians.

The Islam-sympathizing Rev. Wright, on the other hand, blamed America for 9/11 because [in his telling] our own terrible policies against Muslims invited it. It’s a take that Obama obviously agrees with. He appointed as “Green Czar,” Van Jones – an activist who protested against the United States in Oakland one day after 9/11. This is the world view of the communist left in which Obama, Wright, and Jones are fellow travelers.

Whether they are blaming America first or Christians for offenses hundreds of years old, the left’s unholy alliance with militant, expansionist Islam raises its ugly head for all to see.

You see, they share a common enemy.


One thought on “Fox and Friends: Obama’s Prayer Breakfast Speech Sounds a Little Like Rev. Wright

  1. Is it just me, or does that woman sitting down in the front row during Rev. Wright’s “Chickens coming home to roost” sermon, look a lot like Michelle Obama? (Before she had a small army of personal assistants to make her look good.)


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