Obama’s Former Pastor in 2008: Euro-centric Christian Crusaders Demonized Muslim Infidels

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In case you were wondering where Obama got the idea to compare Islamic Jihad to the Crusades.

This “smart take” was posited by the Reverend Jeremiah Wright in February of 2008 while he was giving a speech at Michigan State University as part of the William G. Anderson Slavery to Freedom lecture series.

The theme of the speech —  religious arrogance, in the form of  fundamentalism –which in (*former Muslim) Reverend Wright’s telling, caused the Christian Crusades.

Via Pam Key at Breitbart.

Rev. Wright said all religious fundamentalist think, “Do you see some people who are infidels? They are to be killed. We can not live together. You have Jihad, Crusades. You must be killed.”

Wright continued, “When you have that kind of Euro-centric ignorance, you’re not only superior but you start demonizing others who are different,” adding, until you have “the Christian Crusades. Just kill all the Muslim infidels.”

Got that Christians? Get off your high horses.

Video here.

*Jeremiah Wright Was a Muslim: Why That Matters:

Wright has synthesized Christianity and an odious brand of Islam. When two religions become one, social scientists refer to this as a syncretic religion.
For example, the Mayans developed Mexican Catholicism as a subversive way to maintain their culture in the face of Spanish conquest.
The Reverend Wright may no longer be a Muslim, but he clearly embraces Hamas, Minister Farrakhan and others because they dovetail with his established world view, as with other syncretic religions.

Reverend Wright’s hate speeches are a glimpse of someone who has blended Nation of Islam and Black Nationalist Liberation Theology into a subversive Christianity, one that would hardly be recognized by most black Christians, and much less so mainstream American Christians, regardless of color. Indeed, one suspects that Jesus himself would have a difficult time recognizing the message delivered by Jeremiah Wright.

Obama’s 20-year mentorship with Wright not only demonstrates an incredible lack of judgment, but also highlights his views on race.

And dare I say — religion.

Hat tip: Ace.


4 thoughts on “Obama’s Former Pastor in 2008: Euro-centric Christian Crusaders Demonized Muslim Infidels

  1. Rev Wright also had the “Down Low Club” for up and coming professional married men who were closet gay men. He got them a life long membership at Man’s Country in Chicago, IL.


  2. Following this logic, the Crusades should be excused and explained away because, after all, Christians were persecuted (crucified, “fed” to lions, beheaded, burned, hanged, drowned, flogged, enslaved, and variously butchered) by Jews, the Romans, and yes, actually, by Muslims before, during, and after the Crusades. Surely, in light of history, Christians can be excused for all manner of atrocities based on the atrocities perpetrated by their attackers. Isn’t that how it works? The Islamic State is just doing what it’s doing because (um) Crusades (or something); we can’t judge them because of something done a millennium ago.

    The list of Christian persecution is long and continues to this day, so shouldn’t the “look what you did!” club be defending Christians who’ve also been wronged sorely since before Jesus, Himself, was crucified by the Roman Empire?

    But no, of course not. White westerners and the Judeo-Christian foundation on which we’ve built our culture and society are the evil doers, always. We were never victims, never enslaved, never maltreated, never slaughtered. Christianity was never a tiny, persecuted sect; it sprang, full-blown into existence and started violently attacking everything else.

    This is a much more convenient worldview than actually acknowledging that no people is exempt from persecution throughout the ages and that white people and / or Judaism / Christianity are not to blame for all the world’s ills. Leftists need someone to blame, and the best people to cast in that role are the ones who won’t object too loudly (and certainly not violently). We’re safe to persecute, so it will continue unabated and (mostly) unchallenged.

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