Breaking: Federal Judge Grants Gov. Greg Abbott’s Request To Stop Obama’s Executive Amnesty

I hate using “breaking” in headlines because it’s such an overused link-bait tactic. But this really is breaking. I can’t find anything on the web other than Texas Governor Greg Abbot’s tweet, minutes ago:


A federal judge in Texas on Monday granted a temporary injunction halting President Obama’s executive-order driven amnesty program.

The ruling from Judge Andrew Hanen ordered the government not to proceed with any portion of the Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents, DAPA.

“The United States of America, its departments, agencies, officers, agents and employees and Jeh Johnson, secretary of the Department of Homeland Security; R. Gil Kerlikowske, commissioner of United States customs and Border Protection; Ronald D. Vitiello, deputy chief of United States Border Patrol, United States Customs and Border Protection; Thomas S. Winkowski, acting director of United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement; and Leon Rodriguez, director of United States Citizenship and Immigration Services are hereby enjoined from implementing any and all aspects or phases of the Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents … ”

The outline of plans was “set out in the Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson’s memorandum dated November 20, 2014.”

The injunction is until “a final resolution of the merits of this case or until a further order of this court, the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit or the United States Supreme Court,” the judge ordered.

He cited the Obama administration’s failure to comply with the Administrative Procedure Act.


Governor Abbott’s statement Via the Houston Chronicle: 

“President Obama abdicated his responsibility to uphold the United States Constitution when he attempted to circumvent the laws passed by Congress via executive fiat, and Judge Hanen’s decision rightly stops the President’s overreach in its tracks. We live in a nation governed by a system of checks and balances, and the President’s attempt to by-pass the will of the American people was successfully checked today. The District Court’s ruling is very clear — it prevents the President from implementing the policies in ‘any and all aspects.’ ”

Following President Obama’s announcement of his plan to take executive action and grant legal status to individuals illegally present in the United States, then-Attorney General Abbott filed a lawsuit challenging the president’s action on Dec. 3. Texas was initially joined by 16 states in filing the lawsuit; that number has since grown to 26 states.

CNS News reported earlier today:

A federal judge in Texas is expected to rule shortly on a lawsuit filed by 26 states asking him to declare President Obama’s executive amnesty unconstitutional under the “take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed” clause of the U.S. Constitution.

Under a six-page directive issued by Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Jeh Johnson, DHS will start accepting applications under Obama’s expanded Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program Wednesday unless U.S. District Court Judge Andrew Hanenissues a ruling blocking the department from proceeding.

During oral arguments on the case in his packed courtroom in January, Judge Hanen, a George W. Bush appointee, said that the Southern District of Texas was the ideal place to decide the executive amnesty issue because “talking to anyone in Brownsville about immigration is like talking to Noah about the flood.”


Twitchy: Huge: Texas Governor Greg Abbott wins federal injunction against Obama amnesty:


3 thoughts on “Breaking: Federal Judge Grants Gov. Greg Abbott’s Request To Stop Obama’s Executive Amnesty

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  2. I’ve always maintained that the best opportunity we had to stop this unconstitutional act was through the States lawsuit, especially since the entrenched, establishment repubics have no will to fight this action. While this ruling is very encouraging, I’m sure we haven’t seen the end of this.

    The Speaker sounded like a re-branded man, Sunday on Fox News. I can’t help but wonder how long his reinforced spine will last though. Krauthammer has it exactly right, McConnell should change the Senate Rule { like Reed has done } pass a Bill that mirrors the House one, and then let uhbama shut down DHS with his veto.

    That’s what they should do, yet somehow way down deep I’m not confident any action they take won’t come close to what they should do. We’ve all been here before.

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