Judge Napolitano: The Obama Amnesty Plan Is Dead (Video)

Megyn Kelly  interviewed Fox News Legal Analyst Judge Napolitano and  Senator Ted Cruz, Tuesday night, asking for their reactions to the federal judge’s injunction blocking the president’s executive order on immigration, which was set to start distributing work permits millions of illegal immigrants Tuesday. Napolitano called the court’s decision “devastating,” adding that “the Obama amnesty plan is dead.”

Napolitano explained that the conservative Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals would likely not interfere with the Judge Hanen’s decision.

He went on to say that the Supreme Court will probably not take up the case.

“This is devastating for the administration,” Napolitano said. “This is a preliminary injunction which means the court viewed the court’s documents and challenger’s documents…and he made two conclusions. 1) At the end of the case, the challengers will probably prevail, meaning the president probably overstepped his bounds and he has ordered the Department of Homeland Security to create new law.

“And 2) if he does not impose the temporary restraints that he imposed last night, actually, irreparable harm will be visited upon the 26 states,” he continued.

“In my opinion, the Obama amnesty plan is dead. Absolutely dead. I don’t think the appeals court will interfere with this decision, And I think it will take this trial judge for the duration of President Obama’s term to rule on this with finality.”

Cruz  told Kelly that the judge’s decision is “a major victory for the rule of law.”

Via Fox News Insider:

Cruz also slammed Democrats for filibustering the Department of Homeland Security spending bill because it would not fund Obama’s executive action plan. Cruz called it “reckless and irresponsible” to filibuster at a time when Congress needs to fund the DHS due to growing threats at home and abroad.

“They’re holding national security hostage in order to defend the president’s illegal amnesty,” he said of Democrats.

Cruz also weighed in on Obama’s remarks today that the law is on the side of his executive action plan.

“He says the law is on his side – there’s at least one person who calls himself a legal scholar who disagrees, and his name is Barack Obama,” Cruz said. “Twenty-two times President Obama has admitted he doesn’t have the authority to issue unilateral amnesty.”

Through Obama’s executive action plan, Cruz said that the administration is basically counterfeiting immigration documents.


5 thoughts on “Judge Napolitano: The Obama Amnesty Plan Is Dead (Video)

  1. Not only is the 5th Circuit Court probably the most conservative right now, but there is something else that I haven’t heard mentioned by anyone so far. During the BP Oil – Gulf Crisis there were numerous “Court Rulings” made by the Courts in that District. The uhbama administration completely ignored many of those orders outright and just did what they wanted.

    Like the Judge said, I doubt if the Supremes will get involved until there is a complete review and decision at the lower Court level.


  2. Just because the Court decided that DHS cannot proceed with Obama’s unconstitutional amnesty is not a valid reason for the GOP Leadership in Congress to revise the House’s DHS budget bill. This bill fully funds the DHS with the exception of the unconstitutional amnesty. Every Senator who votes against the House’s bill must be punished when they run for re-election. Irrespective of the Court’s decision, these Senators swore an oath to protect and defend the Constitution so they are still honor bound to vote against the bill.


  3. Sorry — THE SENATORS SHOULD BE VOTING FOR PASSING THE HOUSE BILL — NOT AGAINST IT. WHEN THEY VOTE FOR IT, they are voting against funding for Obama’s Unconstitutional amnesty.


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