Concern Grows That ISIS Could Slip into US Amid Surge of Syrian refugees (Video)

According to the Counter Jihad Report, the Obama administration imported almost 300,000 new immigrants from Muslim nations between 2010 and 2013— dwarfing the number the U.S. let in from Central America and Mexico over that period.

The State Department is offering thousands more refugees from war-torn Syria and Libya safe haven in the United States.

Between 2010 and 2013, the Obama administration imported almost 300,000 new immigrants from Muslim nations — more immigrants than the U.S. let in from Central America and Mexico combined over that period.

This is a sea change in immigration flows, and it threatens national security.

Many of the recent Muslim immigrants are from terrorist hot spots like Iraq, where the Islamic State operates. From 2010-2013, Obama ushered in 41,094 Iraqi nationals from there.

Now the State Department says it will quadruple the number of refugees brought here from Syria, where IS is headquartered.

The U.S. will admit as many as 2,000 Syrian nationals by the end of fiscal year 2015, up from 525 since fiscal 2011.

Yes, the number of displaced people inside war-torn Syria and Iraq, an estimated 3 million refugees, rivals the most in Mideast history. But rolling out the welcome mat for them in the middle of a mushrooming war on Muslim terrorism is dangerously shortsighted.

“Why are we rolling out the welcome mat for them?” the American Spectator’s Ben Stein asked on the Neil Cavuto Show. “It makes no sense at all. It’s the perfect State Dept. idiocy. ”

Rep. Mike McCaul was on Hannity, last week to talk about radical Islam spreading to American soil through the influx Syrian refugees.


Mark Steyn: O Beautiful, For Specious Guys…

The US media have had a fit of the vapors over Rudy Giuliani’s suggestion that Barack Obama does not love America. As the Instapundit says, their reaction suggests that Giuliani hit a nerve.

For my own part, I am way beyond that. By the way, I’m growing rather weary of the cheap comparisons of Obama with Neville Chamberlain. The British Prime Minister got the biggest issue of the day wrong. But no one ever doubted that he loved his country. That’s why, after his eviction from Downing Street, Churchill kept him on in his ministry as Lord President of the Council, and indeed made Chamberlain part of the five-man war cabinet and had him chair it during his frequent absences. When he died of cancer in October 1940, Churchill wept over his coffin.

So please don’t insult Neville Chamberlain by comparing him to Obama. I’m not a conspiracy theorist, because conspiracies are generally a comforting illusion: the real problem with Obama is that the citizens of the global superpower twice elected him to office. Yet one way to look at the current “leader of the free world” is this: If he were working for the other side, what exactly would he be doing differently?

This is a must-read piece. The last paragraph says it all.

Then there’s this:

Walid Shoebat at The Right Scoop EXPOSES how Obama’s policies are part of MASTER PLAN to revive GRAND CALIPHATE

And why is Obama, like Erdogan, aiding only Syrian rebels while both policies of Turkey and the U.S. exclude training the Kurds?

It was at the Battle of Marj Dābiq (Arabic: مرج دابق‎) as we all learned as children was the most decisive military clash in Middle Eastern history (1516 AD) near the town of Dabiq, 44 km north of Aleppo, Syria between the Ottoman Empire and the Mamluk Sultanate.

The mention of Dabiq to ISIS and Turkey reveals more than just history, but also eschatology of invading Egypt for a grand future victory for Erdogan’s ultimate dream to revive the sick man of Europe. Dabiq is reverting back the clock to when Sultan Selim I (King of the North) of the Ottomans had just pushed back and vanquished the Safavid Persians (The biblical Bear) at the Battle of Chaldiran in 1514—and turned their full might against the Mamluks, who ruled in Syria and Egypt (The biblical kingdom of the south) to complete the Ottoman conquest of the Middle East and mark their Ottoman supremacy in history.

Can anyone deny that Erdogan and Obama are setting policies in their nations that is preparing all this by  reversing Sykes Picot in supporting the Arab Spring which is crippling nationalism and advancing the caliphate agenda? No Middle East analyst can deny that the United States through Obama was the key player which advanced the demolition of nationalism and advanced a caliphate agenda throughout the entire Middle East.

And can anyone deny that both Erdogan and Obama when speaking on Islam their words never go against the Muslim Brotherhood’s agenda?

Erdogan also despises Israel.


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