Video: Obama’s Ideological Brethren Protest Bibi Netanyahu At AIPAC

A group of pro-Palestinian demonstrators gathered in Washington DC yesterday to protest against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and accuse him of war crimes against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. Several of the demonstrators were arrested.

Netanyahu spoke at AIPAC, today, and will address the US Congress on Iran’s nuclear program, Tuesday.

Here are Obama’s peeps – his shock troops – doing what such people do.

If Obama had managed to have an IAF plane shot down, as he was reportedly prepared to do if Israel had gone through with their plans to strike an Iranian nuclear facility, these same people would have been applauding wildly.


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Courier Post: Obama to give pre-Netanyahu interview

The People’s Cube: Obama’s Klairvoyant Prebuttal to Bibi – The People’s Cube

National Review: Netanyahu, Not Obama, Speaks for Us 



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