JW’s Tom Fitton: HillaryGate a 7 Year Cover-up With Criminal Violation Potential

Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch was on The Kelly File, Thursday night, to talk about his group’s years-long efforts to get Hillary Clinton’s emails from the State Department.  Six+ years of document requests had turned up nothing.

“It was notable,” Fitton said. “So notable that we filed additional lawsuits just to make sure they didn’t have an out not to give us the material.”

He said they ended up dismissing one lawsuit after the State Dept told them that they had searched her office and didn’t find anything.

“They had an obligation to tell us,” Fitton declared. “They’re not only lying to us, they’re messing with the courts – and this is a seven year cover-up. The administration knew this from the beginning. As soon as she began using this email account – and it’s not a private email account. It was a government account that was disguised and hidden from the American people.”

He said that Clinton’t lawyer’s should no longer have access to the emails because “there’s a criminal violation potential, here.”

“You can go to jail for mishandling classified information,” Fitton noted.

More from The Kelly File, last night with Ed Henry and Judge Napolitano:


Charles C.W. Cooke, National Review: There is no Plan B for 2016

Andrew C. McCarthy, NRO: Did Hillary Clinton Violate the Federal Embezzlement Law?

AoSHQ: Obama White House Admits to Knowing About Secret Emails Since Last August; Hillary Asked Them to Keep It Secret


3 thoughts on “JW’s Tom Fitton: HillaryGate a 7 Year Cover-up With Criminal Violation Potential

  1. There is “potential?”

    I thought simple accusation was enough these days! Quick, someone file charges on the witch and tie her up in litigation! Damn, someone do something! Tie her up, drag through the mud. Turn things around and use the Clinton method on them and give them a taste of their own medicine. Good grief … potential my ass! Where there is smoke … he he (so to speak)/


  2. Hey, you’re right. The Clintons should be above the law. They always have been in the past. How frustrating it must be to watch the Queen being taken down for flouting the law and putting classified information in easy reach of hostile foreign governments in order to avoid FOIA requests. (The MSM know how to ignore and/or play down scandals that are damaging to their favorites. The NYT’s didn’t HAVE to write about this.) How maddening that the powers that be have decided to throw her under the bus. But it is what it is. This is a blue on blue fight with a few GOPers doing the leg-work and everyone else watching from the sidelines with popcorn.


  3. That’s right. . . potential. Because when it comes to the Clinton’s, things are never what they “appear” to be, they are much, much worse, as history has proven time and time again.

    I wouldn’t worry about it though. Dragging the Clinton’s through the mud, is practically a everyday occurrence for them, it’s where they usually reside. Your biggest problem when it comes to their latest debauchery is, it’s their own demoCrap buds who are doing it to them.

    Bottoms up on the Kool Aid.

    Liked by 1 person

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