What Did I Tell You?: Valerie Jarrett Offered Chance to Defend Hillary Clinton, Declines


Under the bus:

She talks up how important “transparency” is to the lying grifter Obama. When asked if she would fire someone conducting all of his business on private email, she declines to answer that “hypothetical.”

As I’ve been saying – the powers that be want to clear the decks for Indian Princess Elizabeth Warren.

Flashback to Ed Klein last July in the NY Post: This means Warren: Obama backs challenger to Hillary: (Poo pooed at the time.)

President Obama has quietly promised Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren complete support if she runs for president — a stinging rebuke to his nemesis Hillary Clinton, sources tell me.

Publicly, Obama has remained noncommittal on the 2016 race, but privately he worries that Clinton would undo and undermine many of his policies. There’s also a personal animosity, especially with Bill Clinton, that dates from their tough race six years ago.

A former Harvard law professor and administration aide, Warren would energize the left wing of the Democratic Party just as Obama did against Clinton in 2008.

Thanks to her outspoken stand against big banks and the top 1 percent, Warren is the darling of progressives. She won her Senate seat thanks to millions of dollars in donations from outside Massachusetts, including from rich environmentalists and Hollywood celebrities.

5 thoughts on “What Did I Tell You?: Valerie Jarrett Offered Chance to Defend Hillary Clinton, Declines

  1. “Thanks to her outspoken stand against big banks and the top 1 percent, Warren is the darling of progressives.”

    Are Regressives nucking futz or what? Warren is part of the .1%, lied her way to get there and wants policies that will further entrench them at the top.

    They can never ever bottom out with their hypocrisy.

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  2. I’m not surprised that Jarrett or anyone else in the administration would decline to support Hillary. The Regime has denied knowing anything about the private email system. Totally unbelievable and now there are some reports that they knew as far back as August. At some point in time Hillary HAD to correspond with the regime through email over six years.

    There has always been bad blood between the regime and the Clinton’s. It dates back to the primaries when uhbama dropped the “race card” on Bubba in South Carolina. His freaking head exploded over it. Which amazed me that he {Bubba} “bailed” uhbama out and gave the key note speech at the dims convention. Strange bedfellows, I guess.

    Warren got her start when she was tapped for the Consumer Protection Agency that she started back in 2009. When “Dead Ted” finally went room temperature she was being courted to run for his seat. She resisted and Brown ended up winning that election. Her resistance vanished when Brown ran for re-election, she was convinced to run against him and she won.

    If the Regime and the dims manage to take Hillary out at the knees on her coronation, Warren will be sitting in the wings just waiting to be tapped to run in her place. Warren doesn’t have the gall or gravitas to take on the Clinton’s on her own as long as she {Hillary} is still standing and wobbling.

    I just love lib vs lib wars. Grab some popcorn!

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