No Really – Hillary’s Toast


In case you doubted me when I said it last week – Hillary is toast. She’s not the preferred candidate, and a giant hook is in the process of dragging her off the stage.

Via Ace of Spades HQ:

Politico: White House Sources Now Distancing From Clinton
Actually Saying It’s Too Bad Hillary Didn’t Learn to Be Ethical and Transparent, Like We Are

At the least it means ValJar or Kerry, that level.

They thought she’d changed. They thought maybe she’d picked up a little bit from them about how people respond to awkward secret arrangements and contrived ways of not telling the full story.This has been a surprising two weeks for aides in President Barack Obama’s orbit as they’ve watched Hillary Clinton’s email mess unfold.

With so much on the line, with so much time to prepare, she’s back to classic Clinton?

She’s flubbing a campaign kickoff eight years in the making because she somehow thought that no one would ever care that she set up a secret email server? That anyone would then accept her word that it was OK that she deleted 30,000 emails even though the State Department had been asking for some of them? And then go silent again?

Oh sure – she and her loyal minions will try to deflect their way out of this using the time-honored techniques that have worked for them in the past. But the fix is in. She’s out.

Hillary will not be elected president in November of 2016. Some other despicable Dem will be. That fix is still in.


“Stunning”: Media rips Hillary Clinton over email scandal

What Did I Tell You?: Valerie Jarrett Offered Chance to Defend Hillary Clinton, Declines

3 thoughts on “No Really – Hillary’s Toast

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