Watcher’s Council Nominations – Winners And Losers Edition

Some pictures really are worth a thousand words. This was a major defeat for Barack Obama, and perhaps, as Winston Churchill once famously put it, ‘the end of the beginning.’

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Sore Losers: Obama White House Avoids Congratulating Netanyahu For His Big Win

The Israeli election did not go the way the Regime planned.

As the Weekly Standard’s Stephen Hayes noted on Twitter, the inside the Beltway conventional wisdom was that Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech before congress hurt him, and the Cotton letter was a disaster. The opposite turned out to be true.

Polling data ahead of the election showed the Likud party losing favor, but yesterday Bibi not only won – he won big.

After investing so much time and energy in securing Netanyahu’s defeat, the Obama White House must be quietly fuming.

Simply put – Netanyahu’s big win is Obama’s big loss.  Paul Ryan stated on Fox News this morning that Obama actually helped contribute to his victory. “Because of the way they treated him, it helped them consolidate his coalition so he could have this landslide victory,” Ryan said.

I’d love to have been a fly on the wall at the White House, last night…Business Insider recently reported that Obama is known to get “eerily quiet” when angry. 

He also gets pathetically petty and ungracious.

A White House spokesman today had to go out of his way to avoid congratulating Netanyahu for his big win.

Via the Weekly Standard:

“We want to congratulate the Israeli people for the democratic process for the election that they just engaged in with all the parties that engaged in that election. As you know now, the hard work of coalition building begins. Sometimes that takes a couple of weeks. And we’re going to give space to the formation of that coalition government and we’re not going to weigh in one way or another except to say that the United States and Israel have a historic and close relationship and that will continue going forward,”

Reminds me of the time Obama heard all Americans after the midterm shellacking – even the ones who didn’t vote. Clearly Bibi’s mandate going forward, is to listen to the non-voters Obama’s goons neglected to bus to the polls.


Via Gateway Pundit: Kerry Calls Netanyahu to Congratulate Him – Obama May Call in a Few Days

After spending $350,000 to campaign against him, the White House said President Barack Obama will call Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the coming days to congratulate him on his party’s massive election win.

No doubt it will be an eerily quiet phone call.

Weasel Zippers: White House: Obama “Deeply Concerned” Over Netanyahu’s Campaign Rhetoric Against Arabs…

(There was no campaign rhetoric against Arabs. There was campaign rhetoric against foreign (American) money going toward busing them to the polls.)


White House Dossier: Netanyahu Gets a Congratulatory Call . . . From India’s PM:

It’s their worst nightmare, of course. Not only did the hated Netanyahu cruise to victory, but he did it opposing President Obama’s key Middle East policies: a nuclear deal favorable to Iran and a two-state solution for Israel and the Palestinians.

Who will call first? Obama or Netanyahu? The answer is, apparently – the prime minister of India.