Lt Col Shaffer: WH Trying To Get Bowe Bergdahl To “Cop To A Deal” To Make Problem Go Away Quietly (Video)

The White House continues to stall the results of the Pentagon’s investigation in to Army deserter Bowe Bergdahl.

And now retired Army Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer, who has been alleging for months that the investigation has concluded, and Bergdahl was found to have deserted, says sources in the Pentagon claimed Thursday that the White House is trying to get  Bergdahl to strike a some kind of deal to avoid an embarrassing trial for the Regime.

Via Fox News:

“They want this to go away as quietly as possible,” Shaffer, a former military intelligence officer, said on Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom.”

President Obama faced criticism for trading Bergdahl, accused by some of deserting, for five Taliban leaders being held at Guantanamo Bay. Shaffer claims there were other options on the table that might have had “better success … without giving up five adversaries.” He added that “these guys are going to be going back to a rock star welcome and return to combat” when conditions on their release are lifted in the coming months.

President Snit-Fit shouldn’t have to stall this out for much longer. Almost a year has passed since the Regime’s grossly inappropriate celebration of that awful trade. The American people’s attention spans are short. Obama counts on that.


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