Congressional Leaders Pressuring Colleagues To Cut Funding For Obama’s Nuke Negotiations With Iran…

This comes as more disturbing details about the “deal” are leaked.

Via Free Beacon:

Congressional leaders have begun pressuring their colleagues to cut off all U.S. funding for the ongoing talks with Iran over its contested nuclear program as the Obama administration rushes to hash out the details of a deal in the coming months, according to multiple sources and a letter that will be sent next week to appropriators in the House of Representatives.

With the deadline approaching, congressional Republicans have been exasperated by the Obama administration’s efforts to prevent them from having any oversight over the deal.

Reps. Peter Roskam (R., Ill.) and Lee Zeldin (R., N.Y.) are now petitioning their colleagues on the House Appropriations Committee to prohibit all taxpayer funding for the talks, the Washington Free Beacon has learned.

This would purge all U.S. funds available to Obama administration officials for travel abroad, hotel stays, and any other activities related to the P5+1 talks with Iran.

Meanwhile, Speaker Boehner will be traveling to Israel at the end of the month for a visit with Prime MInister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The trip, though planned a few weeks ago, has not yet been publicly announced. The Ohio Republican will head to Israel on March 31, heading a delegation of Republican lawmakers, senior Israeli officials told Haaretz Friday.

According to officials, the final terms of the visit were agreed upon during Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s trip to the U.S. earlier in the month to address Congress on the threat of a nuclear Iran.

Boehner’s trip may or may not cause new drama — as Boehner was who invited Netanyahu to speak to Congress on March 3. Boehner explicitly invited the prime minister without communicating the plans with the White House, something that upset both President Obama and numerous Democratic members of Congress.


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