Video: Media Mea Culpas Finally Emerge Long After “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” Narrative Falls Apart

Fox News Monday night trumpeted media mea culpas from the New York Times and the Washington Post, all finally admitting that the “hands up don’t shoot” racial narrative was based on a lie. This comes way too late to make any kind of difference, of course. Late last summer, when it mattered, they were reporting the hot and heavy false narrative. Moreover, there are still many in the media, and the National Black Caucus who have gone totally silent on the story. Fox News, to its credit never jumped to the conclusion that Michael Brown’s criminal accomplice Dorian Johnson, was telling the truth. But then, Johnson’s story never passed the smell test, and any serious journalist should have known that from the very beginning. Alas, in the MSM, we do not have serious journalists. We have Democrat cheerleaders, and convenient “narrative” disseminators. Megyn Kelly was one of the loudest voices pushing back against the media mob that fanned the racial flames in Ferguson, and for that she was accused of being “racially insensitive.” She had on Howie Kurtz to talk about Fox News’ total vindication in the Ferguson story.

Earlier in the day,  Sheriff David Clark weighed in on Lou Dobbs: “The liberal mainstream media got caught up in the hype,” Clarke said, “they piled on – they got their kicks in at the Ferguson Police Department, Officer Darren Wilson and officers nationwide.” “The whole thing was a shameful period of time for the media,” Clarke continued, pointing out that the MSMS are supposed to be neutral in the way they cover stories. “They became a wholly owned subsidiary of the cop-hating crowd,” he said.


2 thoughts on “Video: Media Mea Culpas Finally Emerge Long After “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” Narrative Falls Apart

  1. That Margaret Hoover (CNN clip) is one of the more detestable individuals I’ve ever seen on television, along with Meghan McCain. One of the best things Fox ever did was to dump her. Now if only they would do the same for Gerry0.

    Some advise for the “race pimps, the CBC, the dims and others”. . . . . Zip it till all the facts are in

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