Nothing To See Here: Capitol Police Chief Who’s Been Stonewalling For Reid, Resigns


Embattled U.S. Capitol Police Chief Kim C. Dine has submitted a letter of resignation to the Capitol Police Board, according to RollCall, citing “multiple sources with direct knowledge of the situation.”

It is not currently known whether the letter has or will be accepted by the three-member board, made up of the House and Senate sergeants-at-arms and the Architect of the Capitol. Multiple attempts to secure a comment from Dine were unsuccessful.

Dine has been under fire lately for refusing to release the Capitol Police event report of the New Year’s Day incident that resulted in Senator Harry Reid’s egregious facial injuries and cracked ribs.

Via the Las Vegas Badger:

The leadership of the troubled, 1,800 person Capitol Police force is withholding information about the circumstances surrounding Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s (D-NV) gruesome New Year’s Day injuries.

Breitbart News poked holes in Reid’s story that the injuries resulted from a home exercise accident that occurred when the exercise band that he attached to the shower door in his bathroom “broke and spun me around and I crashed into these cabinets and injured my eye,” as he claimed.

Breitbart News has also reported that virtually all of the information concerning the events surrounding the New Year’s Day injury and Reid’s subsequent hospital treatment that day has originated from Reid’s office. It insists the senator’s Capitol Police security detail was with him at his Henderson, Nevada home when the injuries occurred on New Year’s Day and transported him from his home to St. Rose Dominican Hospital in Henderson for treatment.

As RollCall notes, Dine has also been under scrutiny for a number of other snafus:

…the handling of a car chase the night of the State of the Union, which ended without an arrest despite the fact that the suspect was driving without a license. Members of Congress also grilled Dine after the October 2013 fatal shooting of Miriam Carey, as well as the decision to call back officers from the September 2013 Navy Yard shooting.

You can read Poweline’s latest theory as to what happened to Reid on New Years Day, here. (It definitely doesn’t involve exercise equipment.)


One thought on “Nothing To See Here: Capitol Police Chief Who’s Been Stonewalling For Reid, Resigns

  1. Someone should really rename this Capitol Police position to “Chief of musical chairs”. I’ve never seen any position that has been filled by so many political hacks as this one, just passing through getting their tickets punched.

    Ramsey was plucked from the D.C. Police department to the Capitol Police Chief got his ticket punched and is now Chief of Philly P.D.. He was also one of the only Police representatives who attended ohbama’s conference on race after the Ferguson riots. Chief Gaynor {?} was plucked from somewhere, served as Chief, then moved on up to Sargent-at-Arms of the House. I’m sure there are a few more that I’m not remembering off the top of my head that should be included.

    If his resignation is accepted, I’m sure Kimmy will end up on his feet somewhere with a big nice raise in income. I should check the “help wanted ads” in Las Vegas and see if there are any positions open at any of the casinos.

    George Jefferson would be real proud, I’m sure.

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