The ObamaMessiah is Back

Good God.  They’re trying to resurrect the cult of personality crap.

Twitchy has captured some amusing conservative reactions to the tweet – which outnumber liberal reactions about 20 to 1.

But this person here represents the people the White House wants to reach.

Yes, that woman is serious.

Remember. Obama doesn’t address all Americans. He never has. He doesn’t care what about 45% of us think.  He puts us right out of his mind. Doesn’t give a shit. He knows we’re not fooled by his B.S. This is why I refuse to call him my president.

He’s talking to people like the woman in the tweet above – who still believe him after all these years of corruption, usurpation, pathological dishonesty and gross incompetence. They still swoon at iconic pictures of him rife with popular left-wing symbolism. The Chicago Jesus wants to rally his worshipers to continue supporting him through the rough months ahead.

Thus we’re seeing the return of the ObamaMessiah.

3 thoughts on “The ObamaMessiah is Back

  1. Nevermind – You meant the end we can see – where there is supposed to be a pot of gold, we see a horse’s ass instead. (As one person on Twitter put it.)


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