Hillary Clinton – – eh Whatever


*I should write something about Hillary Clinton’s big media rollout, Sunday – the long awaited announcement of her candidacy for president – (which as you know, had to be delayed until her email scandal had sufficiently subsided.) With all THAT behind her, along with a few other scandals (<<<Yeah, go ahead and hit that) Hills felt comfortable making her exciting announcement. (ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ)

Yeah, I’m sorry. I could not be more bored. This thing ain’t happening.

As much as the media would love to have “a sure thing” like Hillary as their candidate – what with all that built in support and money behind her – this scandal prone, baggage-laden crone  does not excite or inspire. Don’t get me wrong – there are Hillary supporters out there who are willing to **do an Obama 2.0 for Hillary in 2016 – but they are in the minority. Although the media is 95% Democrat, a huge chunk of the national media and the entertainment industry are not on Team Hillary, at all. They would much prefer a progressive candidate without the embarrassing history, baggage and ongoing scandals that plague HRC. After 8 years of circling the wagons for Obama, they are not in the mood for another 4-8 years of non-stop wagon circling. That must get tiring – not to mention embarrassing.

SNL skewers Hillary on eve of big announcement:

safe_imagehillary (1)

It took about 5 years into his presidency for comics to start making jokes about Obama. SNL’s opening skit, on Saturday brutally lampooned Hillary  on the eve of her big announcement. She is not going to get the kid gloves treatment Obama has enjoyed for most of his political career.

The powers that be want a fresh face with a clean slate to continue the the nation’s left-wing transformation. This scandal-plagued battle-axe does not fit the bill.

*There really are a lot of funny  gaffes, foul-ups and the like being reported on elsewhere – but I’m assuming you’ve seen most of that. Plus, since this thing is such a farce, I can’t bring myself to bother with it.

Just wait until one of these other campaigns start getting off the ground. Democrats are desperate for an alternative.

**By Obama 2.0, I mean slavishly biased reporting for her and against her GOP opponent.

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