Nice Deb Now at PJ Media


I’m very pleased to announce that I am now writing for PJ Media at their PJ Tatler blog. My first post was published this morning: Flashback: Jeb Bush Awarded Hillary Clinton ‘Liberty Medal’ on the Eve of 1st Anniversary of Benghazi Attack – so head on over there and give it some traffic.

I will be posting at the Tatler about three times a day while hopefully still maintaining this blog where I will continue to rant and rave as I see fit.

Thanks as always for your readership – and please do visit me at my new gig.


6 thoughts on “Nice Deb Now at PJ Media

  1. Yes, PJ Media has some excellent writers, but their heavy barrage of spam makes the site almost unreadable. I may on occasion go to an article which is linked to PJ Media. However, I never surf there.

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  2. Thanks. As far as ad-laden websites go – I didn’t think PJ Media was one of the bigger offenders on the conservative side. I don’t want to name names, but there are sites (including one I used to contributed to) that I can’t keep open because the massive barrage of ads and videos crash my computer.


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