Video: Millions To Clinton Foundation In Exchange For Russian Uranium Deal

As Bret Baier notes – this story is complicated and doesn’t fit on a bumpersticker. But I’m happy to simplify it for you. She’s toast.

Cue the Outraged David Brock media appearances accusing the GOP of orchestrating a political hit job.

No, really – this ain’t the GOP. The media is really hoping another Democrat candidate emerges quickly so they can get behind him or her. They have no appetite for this.

Michael Walsh at PJ Media taking bets on what day her last day as a presidential candidate will be.

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PJ Tatler: Cornered, Clinton Crime Family to Prepare New Tax Returns for Family ‘Charities’


4 thoughts on “Video: Millions To Clinton Foundation In Exchange For Russian Uranium Deal

  1. Has there ever been a bigger bunch of despicable, low life, sleaze balls who never, ever seem to go away, than the clintons? We now know the purpose of the “Reset Button” with Russia, it was the signal to start the flow of cash into the clinton foundation and their pockets.

    Is there really enough people out there remaining who aren’t tired of the same old tired corruption and nasty politics of the clinton machine to see another one enter into office with all the baggage?

    You know that there is smoke and fire, when clinton inc. managed to roll out the next generation of the family, to defend the foundation and her parents. The very one that they have put off limits to “everything” for the last 20 plus years.

    It really must be hard breaking through the proverbial “Glass Ceiling” with a $600K no show job at NBC and of course a nice cushy position on the family foundation drawing loads of cash as a executive of the same. I’d bet Chelsea couldn’t find her way, on her own to Harlem if her life depended on it.

    Following in the families footsteps with all the strings attached ;

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