Oh Hillary!


I keep saying that I won’t blog about Hillary because I’d rather spend time on consequential matters – and since she’s not going to be the Democrat nominee, why waste my time? But the HRC meltdown continues in epic fashion – or as Fox News’ Jason Riley says, “she’s stumbles quite regularly.”

Let’s face it – there is some entertainment value to all this.

So – on Special Report, tonight Kirsten Powers expressed her opinion that since Democrats really like Hillary Clinton, she’ll likely be the nominee. By “Democrats”, it wasn’t clear if she was referring to rank and file Democrats or Dems who hold public office. I assumed she meant Dems in office – because I don’t sense a groundswell of excitement about Hillary Clinton among the nation’s Democrats. I think the grassroots would really like to see a fresh face. Again, that MSNBC poll – just wow.

Krauthammer said that after she tried to redefine herself after the Clinton years,  her self-inflicted wounds defined her right back as the person everyone thought she was.

Later on, he quipped, “the Clinton team says, ‘there’s not a shred of evidence’ – well that’s because all the evidence was shredded.”

If you were following the 2008 election campaign online, you had to have noticed that Drudge wasn’t linking to the plethora of deadly stories about Obama (reported almost exclusively in conservative media.) But he linked (and still links) like crazy to anti-Hillary stories. Why is that?

This is a very interesting read by John Ziegler at Mediaite: Biggest Media Difference in Obama’s and Hillary’s Path to Presidency Is Matt Drudge:

Most conservatives would be shocked to know just how helpful Drudge was to Obama’s election in 2008. It is my very strong view (based on close observation and extensive contemporaneous communication with the late, great Andrew Breitbart, who was Drudge’s right-hand man at the time) that the news aggregator purposely took a dive on Obama during the Democratic primary and played a key role in how “The One” was able to swipe the nomination away from Clinton.

I have written about this incredibly under-discussed reality before (almost no one reported on it because crossing Drudge is considered career death on the right, and the left had no ability to either comprehend or even care about the story), and you can find several links proving my case here. I am also not the only commentator to report Breitbart’s take on this, as author John Lott begrudgingly admitted having had similar discussions with him.

For the record, I have saved numerous chat sessions with Breitbart about this subject, but they are not in a format that would meet the proper standard of “evidence.” However, I would gladly take a lie detector test on this subject and bet anyone foolish enough to question my veracity on the results of such a test.

As for why Drudge took a pass on several stories which could have torpedoed Obama’s 2008 campaign (most notably, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright fiasco), Breitbart and I differed on that. It was my opinion that his obvious animus towards the Clintons, combined with his (very accurate) view that an Obama candidacy and presidency would be great for his business, were the primary factors which led him to give the future president a giant pass.


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