Hillary Is Not Happening, You guys

I’ve been saying it for months – I just don’t see Hillary Clinton being the Democrat nominee in 2016. Most people thought I was crazy (Oh, no – Hillary is inevitable) but look at these latest headlines:

GOP accused of ‘quiet attack’ on Hillary’s age…

MAG: She might not even survive primary! (Yup)

Socialist snapping at her heels…

Foundation raked in millions — of taxpayer dollars…

Larry Flynt Endorses Hillary…

AP POLL: Decisive majority of Americans view Clinton as dishonest…

Don’t forget that MSNBC poll from a few weeks back – which is still active! – with 100K+ votes showing 87% of voters do not plan to vote for HRC:


I keep asking, where’s the big groundswell of support for Hillary? She’s just stumbling along, hobbled each week by new scandals popping up, adding to the others that aren’t conveniently going away.

And why aren’t these scandals conveniently going away? Because the people who control the narrative (regrettably still the MSM) do not want Hilldog to be their candidate.

And so she won’t be.

So forgive me if I don’t spend a lot of time on all the latest shoes to drop on Hillary’s myriad of scandals. I just don’t think this charade is worth my time.

3 thoughts on “Hillary Is Not Happening, You guys

  1. “Uh-oh. The latest Globe scoop on Hillary does not look good… ” – ND

    For who? If true, looks great through my rose colored glasses. I’m still waiting for the stakes for a sure sign.

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