Video: The MSM Picks A Side in the Fight Against Islamic Extremism

As perfectly illustrated in this Ben Howe video put out by MRC TV.

When it comes to the First Amendment, they sure talk a good game. But when push comes to shove in the fight against Islamic Extremism – they let you know whose side they’re on. And it just happens to be the same side as the deplorable dirtbag who appears last in the video.

This wasn’t even a particularly difficult test, media – and you failed it miserably.


Eric Wemple, The Washington Post: The week that cable news failed free expression:

Authorities are investigating ISIS’s claim of responsibility; they’re checking the electronic communication histories of the attackers, Elton Simpson and Nadir Soofi; the White House has called the episode an “attempted terrorist attack.

And who’s being treated as the public enemy on cable? The woman who organized a cartoon contest.

Read the whole thing – you’ll be surprised and delighted that Wemple doesn’t take the low road that most libs take when defending Geller’s right to free speech (by gratuitously insulting her at the same time.) It’s just a fulsome defense of her right to free speech and a critique of the conga line of cable news cowards who attacked her.


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