Pamela Geller: I’m Never Going To Give Up (Video)

Eric Bolling, filling in for Hannity, made note of new revelations that the FBI had information about the impending attack hours before it happened, and asked if the agency had warned Geller about it.

“No, they did not tell us that, Geller replied, “and I believe that the FBI has been disarmed in the information battle-space because Islamic-supremacist groups like CAIR have demanded and gotten experts in Jihadist doctrine…”

“You think the influence of CAIR is influencing what the FBI does, ” Bolling interjected.

“Unquestionably,” Geller replied. She argued that great Islamic scholars who used to advise on the Islamic threat have been shut down.

“If you don’t know who the enemy is – how can you find them?” Geller asked.

She said the American people “have to put their own safety in their own hands.”

She continued, “the reason I did this cartoon and art exhibit – it was an art exhibit, too by the way – nobody talks about that. Why is that important? Because for 1,400 years, Mohammed was depicted and they weren’t killing anybody. Why are they killing everybody, now? Because they’re imposing the sharia. This is the question America faces. Will we submit to the sharia or will we stand for our basic principles?”

Bolling asked if in the wake of the attack and threats on her life, she will “lay low” or do another cartoon contest.

If I lay low, I’ve given up. It’s like the (Charlie) Hebdo cartoonist who said he won’t draw another Mohammed cartoon. I’m never going to give up. I’m never going to give up my freedom, I’m never going to give up the fight.

She added, “for everything people are saying in the media, I’m getting tens of thousands of emails of support…There’s a dichotomy between what the media is saying and what the American people are feeling.”

Bolling also had on NRO columnist, David French to discuss his excellent column, “I’m more hateful than Pamela Geller.”

“It is astonishing to me that we’re having thousands and thousands of words commentary after a woman is nearly killed with all of her friends and supporters and that commentary is focusing on whether she talks about these genocidal jihadists with enough nuance. It makes no sense what-so-ever,” French said.


David French, NRO: Pamela Geller’s Critics Are Proving Her Point:

Geller’s critics should spare us all the high-minded rhetoric about tolerance and liberty and “democratic values.” In a continent-sized nation of more than 300 million souls, “offensive” speech is always happening. Geller’s speech is different not because it’s uniquely insensitive or even uniquely “hateful.” Her speech is different because it makes people afraid.

Read more at:


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