Judge Jeanine Pirro: Free Speech Is Non-Negotiable – Period

Kudos to Fox’s Judge Jeanine Pirro, who in her opening statement, Saturday night, was unconditional in her support for free speech in the face of Islamic supremacy.

“You know, free speech in America is non-negotiable no matter what the perceived consequences, no matter the worry about retribution from Islamic extremists – PERIOD – end of the story,” Pirro declared.

She went on to offer a “primer” to explain the reasoning behind her position, covering ground that has been well trod, this week.

She predicted renewed efforts by the Obama administration to limit the First Amendment to comply with blasphemy laws.

“For the first time I’m worried about whether or not the present so-called ‘politically correct’ climate will restrict our free speech in line with shariah requirements,” Pirro said.

She had a spirited discussion with Pamela Geller about the past week and the issue of free speech vs. shariah.

Pirro also had on the fiery Lt. Col. Ralph Peters (ret.) to discuss the latest terrorist threats on the home front.

2 thoughts on “Judge Jeanine Pirro: Free Speech Is Non-Negotiable – Period

  1. Great opening, the Judge nailed it, she is exactly right.

    Since our cic and his cohorts never know about anything until they read it in the papers or see it on television, I have a idea. We always hear “after” one of these events that “these people were on the FBI’s radar”. So why is it that they were never scooped up and dealt with, before they commit some atrocity?

    The idea:
    Pam Geller is a genius. She has all by herself figured out how to expose all of these jihadist here in our country by setting a trap for them. Let’s run hundreds of these “Draw mo contest” across the country and draw them out. We can publish a list of venue’s that they will be held at and we can just wait for them to arrive, then deal with them.

    We all know they can’t control themselves. It’s like “stink on ____”, “white on rice”, “the dawn follows the night”. Since we don’t want to fight them over there and kill them, let’s do it here. We can draw them in, kill them, declare them American citizens {post mortem}, give them a license and send them on their way.

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  2. The prohibition against drawings of Mohammed in Islam is to insure that Mohammed is not deified and worshipped above God. There is a bust of Mohammed at the Supreme Court . . . no one cares. The outrageous outrage over the Draw Mo contest was political, not theological. The Salafists who form virtually every Sunni terrorist organization will not brook any criticism of their toxic brand of Islam. And Obama and virtually the entire left are ceding them the ground. This is not a free speech issue. That is a red herring and a canard. This is a clash of civilizations issue, and the left is not putting up any resistance.


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