Untrustworthy President Fails To Pass Trade Bill – Thanks To Democrats

So Tuesday, President Fail-Whale “suffered a defeat” (aka failed) to pass the Trans Pacific Partnership trade bill on fast-track scheduling  with limited debate and no amendments (because “we can’t wait.”™)

The funny part of this is – he failed to convince his own party to trust him on it. (Because they know as well as we do how utterly untrustworthy he is.) The really funny part of it is Obama is engaging in the the same demagogic personal attacks against left-wing critics that he usually reserves for the right. And the really, REALLY funny part is, the left is reacting to this like it’s the first time they’ve ever witnessed Obama argue this way.

For your enjoyment, here’s The Washington Free Beacon’s Supercut of Obama hating on Democrats:

Naturally, some lefties are stomping their feet in protest. This is not supposed to happen to liberal elites – the “smart set”- the “reality based.”

Ace is savoring it:

The left does not talk about ideas; they talk about people exclusively, and they are only capable of labeling their opponents ignorant or acting in bad faith (racism, political motives, etc.).

I note this because Brent Budowsky, one of the most toxically nasty progressives permitted to write columns in major media (he writes in The Hill, usually), is complaining that Obama has done nothing but name-call his liberal opponents in this dispute.

Instapundit correctly notes that that’s all Obama does when people disagree with him, whether they be liberal or conservative or politician or private citizen (like Joe the Plumber).

But Budowsky only objects when it’s done to liberals, because he agrees with this tactic of conducting all “debate” not on the issue but on the subject of one’s opponent’s character and intelligence, like all nasty progressives.

Still, it’s worth noting what Budowsky accuses Obama of here.

Sound familiar?

Mr. Obama’s tirades on trade have included accusations that these liberal Democrats are ignorant about trade policy, insincere when offering their opinions, motivated by politics and not the national interest, and backward looking towards the past.

Uh yeah. It sounds familiar, alright.

Meanwhile, this crooked,  untrustworthy reprobate is telling people you can totally trust him on the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Because why? Because he says so, you plebe.

Charles Krauthammer finds this rich.

Via NRO:

But “trust is not an argument,” says Charles Krauthammer. “It would help if when the president says [Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren] is dead wrong, he would actually make a case to explain why, rather than say, ‘I would never sign a deal that’s not good for working Americans. Trust me.’ That’s what he does with Iran, that’s what he does with everything,” Krauthammer said on Tuesday’s Special Report.

But “trusting him is a little hard after what he’s done with Obamacare — ‘If you like your plan, you can keep it” — [or] what he said about Iran: “This is going to prevent a nuclear weapon”; it’s going to do the opposite. So trust is not an argument.”

Krauthammer went on to credit Obama for “acting in the national interest” because “as president, he knows that in the end free trade is a good idea.”

And this agreement, in particular, is extremely important geopolitically as a way to hold our Pacific Rim allies, who will be cut loose and will enter into China’s orbit if we don’t.

One person who does not trust Obama or the Republicans on TPP is Mark Levin. On his show, today, he blasted the GOP for voting, procedurally, to approve Obama’s fast track on ‘free’ trade.

Levin says we know exactly who this man is and what his ideology is and asks why in hell Republicans would provide him with a blank check on trade. He said there is nothing ‘free’ about this and explains what he really thinks is going on.

Audio at the Right Scoop.

I don’t know who’s right here. But I do know Obama’s a treacherous ideologue who can’t be trusted and Republicans for some reason – keep trusting him.

I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again. In May of 2013 – when several egregiously corrupt and probably criminal scandals broke, the Republicans right then and there should have stopped working with O and started investigating him non-stop.  If they wanted to do what was best for the country, they would done what they could have to STOP HIM. EXPOSE HIM. DESTROY HIM. The mindblowingly corrupt IRS scandal alone should have been enough to impeach him.

By the way – that’s exactly what Democrats would be doing to a Republican president – whether he was corrupt and/or incompetent or not. They would hound him and harangue him until he was a virtual husk of a man – like this did to W.

This sorry excuse for a president has been a nonstop geyser of executive abuses in his second term and for some reason, the Republicans are allowing it. Now they’re even helping him with a legacy- enhancing trade agreement.

I can’t stand it.


4 thoughts on “Untrustworthy President Fails To Pass Trade Bill – Thanks To Democrats

  1. President Stompie Feet(good one ND!) is an ardent disciple of my Liberal Debate Playbook especially #1

    1) Ignore points made by your opponent and attack them personally
    2) Introduce totally unrelated issues and
    3) Attack them

    I’m with you in that I do not trust him at all, he’s a congenital liar and anything he wants, I believe, is bad for this country. Shameful that I’ve come to that point.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Not to worry, the repubics and Mitch are hell bent on propping him up in these last couple of years. They ignore his illegal acts and executive orders. Why they would ever give him this authority is beyond my comprehension. When has this idiot ever “negotiated” anything successfully? Most of what he has gotten has been done through smoke and mirrors or executive fiat. Not to mention the secrecy that is surrounded by this legislation.

    I wonder how many of these repubics have gone to the secure room and actually read this proposed law?

    Liked by 1 person

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