A New Baghdad Bob Emerges As ISIS Takes Over Ramadi (Video)

As ISIS took over Ramadi, Friday, routing Iraqi troops, who fled for their lives along with thousands of civilians, Brig. Gen. Thomas D. Weidley, chief of staff for Combined Joint Task Force Operation, wants the American public to believe that Islamic State forces are on the defensive and that the situation is going just according to plan.

Leave it to Obama to produce a military spokesman as impressively mendacious as Iraq’s own Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf – aka Baghdad Bob.

The Islamic State on Friday took control of the provincial government center of Ramadi, the capital of Iraq’s largest province, and appeared to be in control of most of the city in a major defeat for the Iraqi government.

Islamic State forces also appeared to be closing in on government positions in two other key locations in Anbar province, the towns of Baghdadi and Karmah, in a broad offensive that if successful would end the government presence in any of the province’s major population centers. The capture of Baghdadi also would cut the supply lines to the Iraqi garrison protecting the strategic Haditha Dam.

The Associated Press appeared to call out General Weidley on his propaganda:

Weidley appeared to be pressing his own “information campaign” designed to counter the militants’ message of defiance. While conceding the militants’ were managing “episodic control” of certain terrain in Iraq, he insisted their advances were minor and unsustainable.

The State Department offered a similar assessment. “There will be good days and bad days in Iraq,” State Department spokesman Jeff Rathke said. “ISIL is trying to make today a bad day in Ramadi. We’ve said all along we see this as a long-term fight.”

Weidley said IS fighters had launched a complex attack Friday on Ramadi as part of an effort to “feed their information and propaganda apparatus.” He called Ramadi a “critical city” but said he could not confirm how much of the city had been lost to IS on Friday or what percentage remains in Iraqi control. He said his command had seen Islamic State social media postings of photos that depict a successful Ramadi offensive.

How can this even be happening? Where’s the “broad coalition” Obama promised  would “degrade, and ultimately destroy” ISIS?

Here’s White House Spokes-Goon Eric Schultz claiming that ISIS Momentum ‘Has Been Blunted’:

Obama’s “broad coalition” is kicking butt over there, you guys.

Never-mind the weaselly – “ultimately” destroy verbiage. We’re not even “ultimately” degrading them. Degraded armies don’t keep gaining ground.

This is a new low for the United States. For God only knows what reason – the leader of the free world is handing Iraq over to savages. And now we’ve got our own Baghdad Bob(s) telling us we’re not seeing what we’re seeing. The disaster playing out before our eyes, they tell us is really the enemy being “degraded” by our broad coalition.

But you’ll just have to take their word for it since the Regime won’t let the media embed in Iraq so they can report on what’s going on.

We’ve not even reached bottom, yet, folks. Obama still has over a year and a half of failing to do. It’s hard not to feel demoralized.


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