Alan Dershowitz: Obama is a “Foreign Policy Disaster”

During an interview with Newsmax’s JD Hayworth, liberal Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz had some harsh words for Barack Obama.

Dersh was on Newsmax TV to talk about the coming nuclear arms race in the Middle East as other Arab nations declare their resolve to match Iran in nuclear bombs – a charming development for which we can thank President “Smart Power” Obama.

Dershowitz said Obama would go down in history as a “foreign policy disaster,” saying his terrible negotiations with Iran put the US in an impossible situation.

“It is the worst negotiation I have ever seen,” the professor fumed. “I wouldn’t hire this guy to negotiate a one-month lease for me on an apartment.  He basically played poker with all of his cards showing, and the Iranians were playing chess by hiding their part of the board. It was just a dumb, dumb negotiation.”

Via Freedom’s Lighthouse:

Speaking of disasters, Professor Dershowitz voted for Obama twice. Not just once – which I could almost excuse – even the smartest among us can get fooled by a slick charlatan once.  But he voted for the gut-wrenchingly corrupt, lying weasel TWICE. #SMH. #SadTrombone.

Hat tip: Brian B.


5 thoughts on “Alan Dershowitz: Obama is a “Foreign Policy Disaster”

  1. A professor Alan Dershowitz trapped in his book learned education, not a creative bone in his body and has forgotten his childlike creativity! Sure blast Obama, personally we’ve need to open doors….

    i would like to see Obama run another term an go down in history as the first President to run Three Terms…

    So F__ken you Alan!


  2. Nope, that would be FDR who served 4 terms total. After that, the GOP controlled congress passed the 22nd Amendment limiting presidents to two terms. (Thank God.)


  3. So ND, who is your friend . . . . .“the history buff and U.S. Constitutional scholar”?

    There is just no splain’ some people, almost seven years of a complete disaster and some idiots are looking for more. Even Madeline NotSoBright has admitted our foreign policy is a mess. At least the “only” President to do three terms could prove his nativity.

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  4. One might be tempted to call Barry a failure except that everything he is doing FITS HIS PLAN to fundamentally transform America and its place in the world. Why does everyone now say he is failing? He is keeping his word and just doing what he said he would do. Those who don’t understand his kind, just can’t imagine the malevolent motives and goals he had in mind.

    We owe a debt of thanks to people like “stupidsempire” above who voted for this commie bastard. Not once, but twice.


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