Mob of Unruly Black Teens Crash Private, End-of-School Pool Party, Harassing and Assaulting Party-Goers

Just so you know – that is not the headline we’ll  be seeing, this week, as the #BlackLivesMatter crowd is activated, and the media continues misreporting what happened.

Here’s the MSM version: 

A police officer in McKinney, Texas, has been placed on administrative leave after a video surfaced showing him wrestling a bikini-clad 14-year-old girl to the ground and aggressively confronting other teens at a pool party, police said Sunday.

You can thank NBC News for this damning screenshot – just look at this brute! She’s only 14-15 years old (I’ve seen both ages reported) and she “dindo nuffin!”


Police officers were first called to the scene about 7:15 p.m. (8:15 p.m. ET) Friday to respond to a disturbance at the Craig Ranch Community North Pool in the Dallas area. Several more calls came in reporting that juveniles at the pool were “actively fighting,” police said.

McKinney Police Chief Greg Conley said officers who arrived on scene “encountered a large crowd that refused to comply with police commands.” Eventually, 12 officers converged on the party, he said. No one was injured, he said.

Here’s the shocking video. (You can’t really see what’s going on when the cop decides to take the girl down because they’ve almost moved out of the frame, but it’s clear that he unholstered his gun when he was quickly surrounded by numerous aggressive teens.)

A case can certainly be made based on that video that the cop over-reacted, and used undue force, but the residents of the neighborhood (white and black) are actually praising his actions controlling the mob. They say that the seven minute video only tells one part of the story – and the there was no racial element to what happened. Cops were called after a group of 70 to 100 unruly black teens jumped fences, crashed the pool party,  and harassed party-goers – parents with young children.

Screenshots from social media via Weasel Zippers:

WZ Screen-Shot-2015-06-07-at-7.12.36-PM-509x650

Embry told the Dallas Morning News:

“This is not a racist neighborhood,” said Benét Embry, a local radio personality who witnessed the incident. “There are a lot of good people in this community. It’s unfortunate that an event like this brings the spotlight.”

Embry, who is black, said he appreciated the police officers’ speedy response in calming a rowdy situation.

“That’s what they are supposed to do, protect us. I don’t know any other way he could have taken her down or established order,” he said.

Embry said that the teenagers started jumping over the fence into the party and causing a disturbance. He said the teenage girl seen in the video was talking back to Casebolt.

Via Weasel Zippers:

There was a community end of school party at a private HOA community pool. Some people were properly there, somewhere between 70-100 others began to jump the fence, threatening and fighting with the homeowners, who called security and the police after the violence started.

Here was some of the violence.

This apparently is a fight/struggle between a resident and the woman who sent out the rave invite. She was the one who essentially created the problem, because the teens themselves wouldn’t know they weren’t actually legitimately allowed to be there.

Well that was charming.

Meanwhile, of course, the usual suspects have leaped into action, calling it a racial incident and demanding firings. (Note – the people calling it “racially motivated” were not there.)

Via the Dallas Morning News:

Local activist Dominique Alexander, said the incident was “definitely a racially motivated thing” and said Casebolt “acted like he was a wild animal, just running around.”

His group, Next Generation Action Network, plans to hold a march at 6:30 p.m. Monday at Comstock Elementary in McKinney.

No male officer “should ever touch a young girl, half naked, 95 pounds and slam her,” Alexander said. “That was out of line. He should be fired.”

Mothers Against Police Brutality, a local group, called for Casebolt to be permanently removed from his position.

The ACLU of Texas said in a statement Sunday that the incident “appears to be a textbook case of overuse of force.”

“A well-trained police department would have responded more cautiously, with less hostility, and using sophisticated crowd control methods that favor de-escalation not escalation,” the statement says. “Without question, guns were not needed and in fact risked turning a group of partying teenagers into a violent encounter that could have turned deadly.”

And of course, Ferguson’s own Deray Mckesson is now involved.

WZ Screen-Shot-2015-06-07-at-7.19.59-PM

I can’t wait until Obama weighs in. Clearly, the police acted stupidly, here. We definitely need his input.  If we’re lucky – Al Sharpton himself will get involved. I’m sure the community is begging him to organize some rallies.

What? You thought the police were demoralized enough, already, after months of anti-police race-mongering? You thought the sky-rocketing crime-rates all across the nation might be a hint that it’s time to knock off the #BlackLivesMatter BS?  Hell, no –  the racial grievance industry is just getting started. More fun is yet to come, and the MSM is happy to play along.

This ugly incident and ensuing media circus has one resident of the neighborhood saying it feels like someone came and “pooped all over our lives.”


And another resident weighs in.

WZ Screen-Shot-2015-06-07-at-11.04.34-PM

Welcome to Obama’s America, June 2015, where black mob violence is on the rise, cops are under fire for dealing with it, and the media plays up the phony, racialist narrative that fans the flames every. single. time.

It’s going to be a long, hot summer.


Weasel Zippers: Riots Break Out At #SummerJam At MetLife Stadium In New Jersey:

I’m sure white oppression is to blame for this, too.


Via Gateway Pundit:

Now here’s the rest of the story…
On Monday a local wrote in to Steve Noviello to tell the rest of the story.

PLEASE HELP! That (now viral) video of the officer in McKinney subduing a girl in a bathing suit was in OUR neighborhood. The situation was NOT what is being reported…

A DJ setup in a public space next to the private pool in our neighborhood on Friday and played loud explicit (F-bomb) music for multiple hours (it is unclear if he was invited by a resident as no one has claimed responsibility). The teenagers (both black and white) were being brought into our neighborhood by the carload because the DJ was tweeting out invites to a “pool party” for $15 (obviously unauthorized by our neighborhood). The teens began fighting with each other and pushing their way into our private pool. Some were jumping our fence. The security guard was accosted when he tried to stop the beginnings of this mob scene. Some residents who live around the park/pool area tried to come out and settle things down. The teens started yelling racial slurs at our neighbors and started assaulting people and property (throwing bottles at cars and attacking a mother at the pool with 3 young children). The first officer on the scene was by himself. At that time, the party had grown to a large, aggressive crowd. As the officer arrived, many teens started running through our neighborhood. Many of the teens were being very aggressive and yelling at the officers as more arrived.

This was a very dangerous situation for the officers AND the teens/residents not involved. The news media has refused to hear the neighborhood’s side of this story. The video being distributed is only a very small segment of what happened. This information being distributed by the media and others is extremely distorted and in some cases outright lies.

PLEASE HELP US STOP THE BROADCASTING OF THIS IGNORANCE. The media is trying to make it look like our neighborhood is a white’s only, racist area. Anyone who has spent even a few minutes in our area knows this is an outright LIE.


23 thoughts on “Mob of Unruly Black Teens Crash Private, End-of-School Pool Party, Harassing and Assaulting Party-Goers

  1. It’s as plain as day, who incited and caused all of these problems. . . .blame the racists cops in 3 – 2 – 1. Send in Holder Jr, for a investigation!

    p} = tongue in cheek


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