Black McKinney Pool Party Witness Now Receiving Death Threats (Video)

Benet Embry, a resident of McKinney, Texas, has done more than anyone to diffuse the racial powder-keg that the #BlackLivesMatter crowd is trying to light on fire. He is the resident who posted on Facebook that the media was getting the story wrong and people were being “bamboozled.” He has given multiple interviews trying to straighten out the record.  Monday night, he appeared on both Fox News and CNN to share his eye-witness account of what happened. For this, he is being thanked with death threats.

Monday night he reiterated to Sean Hannity that the incident “had nothing to do with race.”

Via Gateway Pundit:

“Let me be clear. The subdivision I live in is not a racist community. It is a diverse subdivision, black, white, Hispanic, East Indian, American Indian, all living together in friendship… Going back to the incident at the pool. It was a pool party out of control there. Out of 130 kids only seven caused a whole bunch of confusion.”

On CNN, he told host Erin Burnett that he and some other residents were now receiving death threats for sticking up for the police and saying that the incident was not racially motivated. Apparently not *all* black lives matter.

Police and residents in McKinney, Texas have become the subjects of death threats, bounties and doxxing over the incident at the pool party.

The only bright spot is the fact that POTUS is out of the country so he hasn’t had a chance to weigh in on this, yet.


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