Rubio Takes A Shot At Hillary With New Ad Mocking Her Dopey “Yesterday” Riff

I didn’t bother to watch Hillary’s second (or is it third) campaign launch in New York City, Saturday,  but I heard it was a major snooze-fest.
Clinton’s speechwriter apparently thought it would be helpful if he had his elderly boss – a longtime fixture in the party of bad ideas that don’t work – attack Republicans as the party of “Yesterday.”
“There may be some new voices in the Republican choir,” she said of the GOP’s 2016 field. “But they’re all singing the same old song – A song called ‘Yesterday.’ ”
 “You know the one – ‘All our troubles are here to stay, and we need a place to hide away,’ ” Hillary Clinton quipped. “They believe in yesterday.”
What a dumb line of attack. It rings false because it is false. It’s the sort of thing vacuous simps applaud because they want to think of themselves as members the cool and happening “party of today.” Even though they support the failed party of Detroit, Baltimore, Chicago, Philly etc.
Really Marco Rubio doesn’t even have to even open his mouth to refute that nonsense. All has to do is stand there next to a cardboard cutout of Grandma Clinton and let the American people decide who looks like “yesterday’s” candidate. But the funny thing is – he already refuted it explicitly in his presidential announcement, last April.
This is much gentler than Carly Fiorina’s ferocious broadsides. But he gets his point across.

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“Greatest intelligence failure since Edward Snowden.” And “coincidentally” both breaches happened under Obama.

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I sure hope Obama enjoys the shit out of his Golf and Sports Center this weekend. God knows, he’s deserved it.

He’s like James Brown — he just works too hard for us. His stagehands have to guide him off the stage, because otherwise he’d give us So Much Show it would give him a heart attack.

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Check out 6 seconds in when the guy who was the Chief Strategist for the Obama campaign in 2008 says with a straight face: “There’s this cult of personality building up, and that’s dangerous, and she’s going to have to correct that.”

Seriously WTF. Why would any self respecting news outlet have as a contributor someone who is that absurdly mendacious?

Gee, you would almost think the Obami are not backing Hillary.

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 Watch as one of the staffers tries to gain favor with the liberal crowd by saying both are inspirational. Uck.

I’m telling ya – this thing ain’t happening. But be careful of what you wish for – because you never know who’s lurking in the shadows ready to emerge when Hillary implodes.

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“Everyone’s going crazy,” the shaken pool staffer trembled on the 911 call. “And they’re videotaping – trying to make it look like a racist thing when it’s not at all. They were breaking our policy and we told them they couldn’t be here anymore – and it’s really scary and I don’t feel safe!”

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