Saturday Movie Matinee: The OPM Hacking Scandal Gets Worse

Special Report: Data Breach Worse than originally thought and Raises Concerns About Federal Government Ineptitude:

“Greatest intelligence failure since Edward Snowden.” And “coincidentally” both breaches happened under Obama.

Gutfeld: While We Quarrel Over Identity, Some Stole Ours:


The OPM Hacking Scandal Just Got Worse 


I sure hope Obama enjoys the shit out of his Golf and Sports Center this weekend. God knows, he’s deserved it.

He’s like James Brown — he just works too hard for us. His stagehands have to guide him off the stage, because otherwise he’d give us So Much Show it would give him a heart attack.

PJTV Trifecta: Of Course Hillary Can Win Even if People Think She’s Dishonest…

Morning Joe Panel Hits Clintons Over Their Handling Of Secret Server And Foundation Controversies:

WFB: David Axelrod keeps criticizing Hillary Clinton | SUPERcuts! #207:

Check out 6 seconds in when the guy who was the Chief Strategist for the Obama campaign in 2008 says with a straight face: “There’s this cult of personality building up, and that’s dangerous, and she’s going to have to correct that.”

Seriously WTF. Why would any self respecting news outlet have as a contributor someone who is that absurdly mendacious?

Gee, you would almost think the Obami are not backing Hillary.

WFB: Crowd Scoffs and Jeers When Clinton Staffer Claims Hillary Is As Inspirational As Obama:

 Watch as one of the staffers tries to gain favor with the liberal crowd by saying both are inspirational. Uck.

I’m telling ya – this thing ain’t happening. But be careful of what you wish for – because you never know who’s lurking in the shadows ready to emerge when Hillary implodes.

Daily Show’s Jon Stewart: Jon Stewart Mocks NY Times over Rubio: ‘How Is This Front-Page News?’

IJR: Ann Coulter: Obama Has ‘Backup Amnesty’ in Secretive Trade Agreement:

 Bill Whittle, Afterburner, PJTVA Horrible Socialist Movie! The Tomorrowland Lie:

Colin Flaherty: Another swimming pool beat down! Cops pick on black people:

“Everyone’s going crazy,” the shaken pool staffer trembled on the 911 call. “And they’re videotaping – trying to make it look like a racist thing when it’s not at all. They were breaking our policy and we told them they couldn’t be here anymore – and it’s really scary and I don’t feel safe!”

Palette Cleanser!

Handmade Instant Fried Ice Cream Rolls / Cookies, Brownie & Vanilla / Thailand, Ko Phi Phi / ไอศครีม

This looks so yummy.

Last two a AoSHQ:

Dogs Who Want That Thing On The Table:

The 100 Most Iconic Movie Lines of All Time:


4 thoughts on “Saturday Movie Matinee: The OPM Hacking Scandal Gets Worse

  1. You know it’s gotten bad when Mika is hearing voices in that void between her ears. It’s time for a IV drip of a new batch of Kool Aid. Don’t fret though she’ll be back on message shortly after she gets the 3am phone call.

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