The Backstory of largest free-flying American flag

For Flag Day, Fox News did an interesting and heartfelt story on the largest American flag, which hangs from the George Washington Bridge on patriotic holidays.

The bridge boasts the largest free-flying flag in the world – it’s 60 by 90 feet and weighs 450 pounds.

Port Authority electrician Chris Bonanno said that the flag would cover a full-sized basketball court. He also explained that one star on the flag is about 3 feet tall.


The flag is stored in a fiber glass tube that runs from the top to the bottom of the bridge’s arch.

The tube helps shield the flag from the elements and from thousands of drivers who pass under it, likely unaware that it’s there.

The flag usually flies for just one day at a time – but after 9/11, it flew for a full month at Ground Zero.

Hat tip: Aunt Margie

One thought on “The Backstory of largest free-flying American flag

  1. I’ve seen and driven under that Flag dozens of times. I’ve even walked across the GW several times. I never knew (often wondered) that the Flag was stored in place from where it’s hung. It’s a amazing display.

    File under: learned something new. Thanks ND and Aunt Margie.

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