Saturday Movie Matinee: Death By Dynasties

Bill Whittle, PJ Media: Death By Dynasties: Jeb, Hillary, and Disaster!

Do Americans love a dynasty? The media wants to tell us that everyone is looking for the next Kennedys. Check out this Afterburner to see how wrong that is.

O’Reilly: Are Black Americans In Danger?

 Sheriff David Clarke on race and the Charleston church shooting aftermath.

Kurtz: The Ugliest Kind Of Fox-Bashing:

Carly Fiorina on ‘The View’: Joins Hot Topics and Makes Her Case for Presidency:

ISIS Video: ‘Cubs Of The Caliphate’ Vow To Kill Obama And Crusader Coalition:

PJ Media:Best of Trifecta: 7 Years, 3 Hosts, Priceless Commentary:

Strawberry Yogurt S’mores?! || THANKS OBAMA:



3 thoughts on “Saturday Movie Matinee: Death By Dynasties

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