Saturday Movie Matinee: A Warrior’s Funeral

While the nation mourned the death of an African lion, Hayward CA mourned the death of a police warrior – who was killed in the line of duty.

Via SF Gate:

Scott Lunger was a die-hard Oakland A’s fan and ice-cream lover who doted on his two college-age daughters. He slept in his car after his grueling shift as a Hayward police sergeant ended at 2 a.m. so he could play baseball in an over-45 league that started only hours later. He was like a kid in the candy store when a new call came over the police radio.

Those were just some of the memories shared as thousands of police officers, friends and citizens attended Lunger’s funeral Thursday at Oracle Arena in Oakland.

This is an undated image released by the Hayward Police Department shows Sgt. Scott Lunger. Lunger was shot and killed during an early morning traffic stop Wednesday, July 22, 2015.

Photo: Associated Press

A procession of police vehicles escorted Lunger’s body from the Chapel of the Chimes mortuary in Hayward to the arena. Mourners were greeted by a giant American flag hoisted by two Hayward Fire Department ladder trucks.

John Medeiros holds up a flag to pay his respects from the Paseo Grande overpass above Interstate 880 in San Lorenzo as the funeral procession begins to pass below.

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