Our Watcher’s Council Nominations – Dog Days Edition

Ah, the sultry days leading up to the end of summer, when the warm weather brings out the torpor and laziness in all of us and little gets accomplished except by the determined and the desperate.

Of course, these days that group would include the members of the political class and their veritable army of servants, Praetorians, hangers on and staffers.

The Romans were the first to label this time of year the Dog Days(diēs caniculārēs), noting that the skies were ruled by Sirius, the Dog Star, the brightest star in the night sky at this time of year. And Herodotus, Plutarch, Caesar and Thucydides all noted the effect this time of year has on men…the influence of the days of Dog Star giving rise to tempers, frustrations, gambles and many times, war and rumors of war. Some things never change. Or at least that’s what the smart money in Vegas, DC and other oracular venues where the entrails, the Dow or the polls get read for what the omens reveal. The mood can get ugly very quickly.


This week’s contest is dedicated to letting sleeping dogs lie…at least for the moment.

Welcome to the Watcher’s Council, a blogging group consisting of some of the most incisive blogs in the ‘sphere, and the longest running group of its kind in existence. Every week, the members nominate two posts each, one written by themselves and one written by someone from outside the group for consideration by the whole Council.Then we vote on the best two posts, with the results appearing on Friday morning.

Council News:

After a decade on the Council
, Greg of Rhymes With Right has decided to drop full time blogging to pursue other interests. The Watcher’s Council among other things is a community and while Greg may be leaving us as a full time voting member, like other former Council members he will remain connected with us and no doubt continue to contribute to features like the Forum and stay in touch. Happy trails, Greg..it’s certainly been quite a ride, hasn’t it?

Vacancies on the Council don’t come up often. If you’re interested in being considered to fill this one and want further details on what’s involved, please leave a comment and your contact information (which of course won’t be published) under any story on Joshuapundit and I’ll get back to you.

This week, Palestinian Media Watch, Maggie’s Notebook, and Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion earned honorable mention status with some great articles.

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Simple, no?

It’s a great way of exposing your best work to Watcher’s Council readers and Council members while grabbing the increased traffic and notoriety. And how good is that, eh?

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Will Hillary Be Indicted? Hear What Legal Experts Say…

Judge Andrew Napolitano on Fox News today said that he believed that Hillary Clinton will be charged with a crime over her handling of classified emails.

“She didn’t even do a good job erasing them” Napolitano said, referring to the 33,000 emails that are missing. “Because of the ones she didn’t erase, there are about 300 that are seriously questionable as to whether they contain classified material. Now we know that one of them contains top secret material. And within the top secret category, there are three other markings indicating really really super top – so super top that you can’t discuss it outside a secured environment – a secured room. And this particular email – which was satellite photographs of a Middle Eastern country and intercepts with foreign agents – was in that category.”

The Judge continued, “let’s just say – let’s just hypothetically say that Mrs. Clinton and her associates are indicted on conspiracy to violate the espionage laws of the United States by knowingly letting secrets get out…”

Asked if his gut feeling is that Hillary will be charged, Napolitano said “yes” without hesitation.

“I feel that she’s in serious trouble and she doesn’t recognize it. I can tell you this. The team of FBI investigators and federal prosecutors who are pursuing her, are the highest and the best in the Justice Department. It is absolutely a-political. It’s impervious to political consequences.”

Napolitano spoke highly of the head of the FBI James Comey, who he insisted would not allow the investigation to be politicized by Obama’s corrupt Justice Dept.

The question at this point according to Hannity’s legal experts Kimberly Guilfoyle & Lis Wiehl, isn’t whether or not she’ll be indicted. That’s a given. The question is whether she’ll be charged with a misdemeanor or a felony.

Rudy Giuliani reacted to the shocking report by The Daily Mail that revealed the IT company Hillary Clinton chose to maintain her private email account, was run from a Denver loft apartment with its servers housed in the bathroom closet. He told Hannity that Hillary needs a criminal lawyer.

Via Fox News Insider:

Giuliani said that Clinton should have been under investigation two months ago if the Justice Department was acting honorably and apolitically.

He said that the moment she admitted to destroying or deleting any personal or government records, she should have immediately been subpoenaed.

“She got a political break nobody else would get,” Giuliani stated.

He added that Clinton should get a criminal lawyer, as she has violated multiple statutes, including those relating to conflict of interest and obstruction of justice.

On “Special Report,” Charles Krauthammer said that Hillary is using the same stonewalling tactics that her husband used.

But Dr. K maintained that she will not be able to stonewall on this one because it is out of her hands.

“We will learn about it from the FBI investigators,” Krauthammer said, adding the caveat, if political pressure is not on them and they are allowed to do their jobs. This is the stonewall continued. It worked for her husband, She thinks it will work for her. I doubt it.”

Allahpundit, meanwhile, is under the impression that the Obama/Clinton pow-wow on Martha’s Vineyard is an indication that the fix is in:

Ross Douthat’s new column about Herself’s de facto legal immunity was going live at the NYT website: “While the email scandal is a serious business, I simply do not believe that the Obama Justice Department is going to indict the former secretary of state and Democratic front-runner for mishandling classified information, even if the offenses involved would have sunk a lesser figure’s career or landed her in jail.” This weekend’s photo op ought to confirm that, for the simple reason that Obama wouldn’t allow himself to be seen associating with the Clintons if he thought there was any real chance that the axe might be about to fall on them. As Douthat says, as long as Hillary’s not charged, this whole episode is just another Clinton scandal — dubious, reeking of above-the-law entitlement, but lacking the sort of smoking-gun evidence of willful wrongdoing that would force prosecutors to indict her. If anything, her supporters will enjoy the spectacle of her and Bill outfoxing those darned right-wingers again. What better evidence of Hillary’s qualifications for the presidency is there than her cunning in evading consequences for her corruption?

I wish Allahpundit were right. It would be good for Republicans if Hillary is the candidate in 2016. She’s the weakest candidate out the Dems’ weak and pathetic line-up.

But alas, she is almost certainly going down.