Ralph Peters: Obama’s “a Deer Caught in the Headlights Of History”

Well, the talking heads sure had a lot to talk about Wednesday following Putin’s big power play in Syria, Wednesday.

Lt. Col. Ralph Peters went on Fox News to give his assessment of the situation.

Obama is so weak that Putin wouldn’t hesitate to shoot one of our planes down because he knows Obama won’t do anything about it, Peters told host Bill Hemmer.

“This guy is good, and we’ve got a pixie dust president who still thinks he can say something three times and it will come true,” he continued.

The Pixie Dust President lectured the UN yesterday about how “violent extremism” is not unique to any one faith, which prompted British Prime Minister David Cameron to rebuke him, “… we have to be frank that the biggest problem we have today is the Islamist extremist violence that has given birth to ISIL, to al-Shabab, to al-Nusra, al Qaeda and so many other groups.”

Meanwhile “master of propaganda” Vladimir Putin is saying what the US said (pre Obama): “fight them over there so they don’t come here.”

“Under international law, Vladimir Putin has a better case for being there than we do. He invited Putin in. We weren’t invited in,” Peters pointed out.

He added, “despite all the ‘Baghdad Bob’ behavior from Josh Earnest, what Putin is doing is absolutely transparent.”

  1. Support Assad.
  2. Create mischief while he can (with Obama in office.)
  3. He is building an alliance in the Middle East with Iran, Iraq and Syria – to keep us out.

“He is betting on the Shia Muslims against the Sunnis,” Peters explained.

“In almost 7 years this president hasn’t learned that words don’t stop bullets. He is fundamentally out of touch with human reality, with the reality of history, with the reality of warfare, and Vladimir Putin – ruthless and vicious and ugly though he is — he’s the one that’s on the side of history, now. Not us. We’re clinging to 20th century platitudes, and Putin is changing the world. CHANGING THE WORLD, as we do nothing.”

“Putin is a man of action and God help us – our president is a deer caught in the headlights of history.”


Ralph Peters, NY Post: Putin wants to humiliate Obama with airstrikes in Syria:

Putin has bet on the Shia world against the Sunni Muslims and is well along in the process of building a wall of allies from Tehran to Tripoli. Already, Russia has a renewed presence and influence in the Middle East after a four-decade absence.

Our response? We’re still funding the Iranian-owned Baghdad government; still shortchanging the Kurds; still afraid to use real military power against ISIS; and terrified that Putin will push the Syrian situation into a confrontation.

He will. And the Obama administration is utterly, profoundly unprepared.

Personally, I’m not sure Obama is being buffeted around by the ‘forces of change’, unable to grasp that his policy of doing nothing but speechifying is unproductive.

I can’t shake the feeling that everything he’s doing is part of some grand, awful, anti-American plan.

How could anyone actually be this incompetent?


Our Watcher’s Council Nominations – Sending A Message Edition


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White House Blames GOP For $500 million Syrian Rebel Training Fiasco

We’ve had seven years now of Obama screwing things up and not taking responsibility for it, so it should come as no surprise that he is blaming the GOP for his latest fiasco.

Obama’s $500 million program to train and arm the Syrian rebels has flopped in spectacular fashion, so naturally the craven Obama regime is pretending they had nothing to do with it – it was all the Republicans’ fault.  Obama never thought it would work. He just went along because John McCain and Lindsey Graham were just so goshdarn insistent he couldn’t say no. He didn’t want to hurt John McCain’s feelings, so he magnanimously let him try something big.

It’s offensive frankly, that anyone would point fingers at this president, when the fault so clearly lies with the Republicans in Congress. Obama’s fighting to make the world a better place for you and me, and other people keep spoiling it.

Via The Washington Free Beacon:

JOSH EARNEST (9/16/15): Many of you have understandably asked me questions about the claims of our critics who suggest that the administration should invest more deeply in training and equipping members of the Syrian opposition, that that was the recipe for success … That is not something this administration ever believed, but it is something that our critics [Read Republicans] will have to answer for.

EARNEST (6/30/14): The president for some time has been concerned that the lawlessness and violence we’ve seen in Syria does have a destabilizing, dangerous impact … A way to address that, in our view, is to bolster the moderate opposition, provide them additional assistance.

BARACK OBAMA (9/07/14): We have a Free Syrian Army and a moderate opposition, that we have steadily been working with, that we have vetted … At the West Point speech I gave, I said we need to put more resources into the moderate opposition.

EARNEST (9/09/14): The president does believe that there would be value…to ramp up assistance that we provide to members of the moderate opposition.

JOHN KERRY (9/18/14) Stepping up the efforts with respect to the moderate opposition is an essential piece of any strategy against ISIL.

OBAMA (9/18/14): With this effort, we will provide training and equipment to help them grow stronger.

EARNEST (9/16/15): But I think it’s also time for our critics to fess up in this regard as well. They were wrong.

Is this not what we’ve come to expect from these insufferable A-holes?

FLASHBACK to Feb 2013, when Rush Limbaugh had a eureka moment:

You may have figured this out long ago, but it just hit me — and if you figured it out long ago and you’ve been trying to get through here and tell me, I wish you’d have gotten through. For those of you who figured it out and I didn’t, I’m just now getting to it. I apologize for being a late arrival to the party, but now — now — it all makes sense. For five years Obama has never once allowed himself to be seen as governing.

He is constantly campaigning against mysterious forces who have ill intentions trying to harm you and this great country. There are these figures behind the screen, behind the curtain. Romney was one. Bush was one. There are others. Obama’s trying to expose them.

Rush would go on to develop this thought into what he called the Limbaugh Theorem, which is that “Obama has mastered the ability to always be seen as opposing everything that’s happening, even the things he is causing to happen. He is on a perpetual campaign.”


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Our Weasel Of The Week Nominees


It’s time once again for the Watcher’s Council’s ‘Weasel Of The Week’ nominations, where we pick our choices to compete for the award of the famed Golden Weasel to a public figure who particularly deserves to be slimed and mocked for his or her dastardly deeds during the week. Every Tuesday morning, tune in for the Weasel of the Week nominations!

Here are this weeks’ nominees….

Baby Parts Merchants Planned Parenthood !

 The Noisy Room: My nomination this week goes to Planned Parenthood for their condom encounter with Carly Fiorina. Planned Parenthood and Code Pink descended on Carly Fiorina in Iowa and screamed insults and profanities at her. Then they hurled condoms at Carly. Classy. Bonus… one of the morons protesting was dressed up as a birth control pill dispenser. Drolly chic, n’est–ce pas? Quite a feat being a clown and a genocidal butcher at the same time, but these radicals pull it off. Paging Stephen King. They were furious that Fiorina spoke out against them in the last debate. Carly handled the encounter with class and decorum. She was impressive in handling these asshats. Hope she didn’t keep a souvenir. She informed at least one protester that she was a cancer survivor and cared about women’s rights as well. She also pointed out that tax payers fund Planned Parenthood, who in turn fund the Democrats. It’s a political shell game. Why, yes it is.

All Planned Parenthood and the commies from CodePink know is talking points and propaganda. They are demanding their right to butcher the unborn. Imagine that – genocidal maniacs have rights too. The cold hard facts of what Planned Parenthood does in their horror chambers are clear cut and out there for all to see – literally. It would have been nice if Fiorina had turned around and called them the psychotic butchers they are. I know I would have. Small blessings… at least the condoms were still in their packages. This was at a tailgate party before a Hawkeyes game. These losers were shouting, “Layoffs, lies, no surprise, Carly fumbles for these Hawkeyes!” Seriously? That’s the best these brainless twits can come up with? Points to Fiorina though for the following… at one point, one woman asked Fiorina why she doesn’t support women’s health care… Fiorina responded, “Oh, I support your health care. I don’t support the butchering of babies.” You go girl! For being moonbat crazy, genocidally murderous and just plain gross, Planned Parenthood should get the golden statuette for being the pink weasels they are.

WGN TV’s Production Department!

Puma By Design : My nominee for Weasel of the Week are the boneheads in the production department at WGN-TV, Chicago who chose for last week’s news story on Yom Kippur that horrible image of the yellow Star of David that Nazis forced Jews to wear during the Holocaust.

According to the first news report I saw, once an editor pointed the offense of using the illustration, WGN-TV immediate issued an apology on social media. However, according to the Telegraph.co.uk, WGN, stated that “the image came from its image bank, and they ‘failed to recognise that the image was an offensive Nazi symbol.’”

The next day, WGN issued an on-air apology, “Last night we ran a story to recognize Yom Kippur, the Jewish Day of Atonement. Regrettably, we failed to recognize that the artwork we chose to accompany the story contained an offensive symbol. This was an unfortunate mistake. Ignorance is not an excuse.”

While ignorance is no excuse, the production department, the journalists and those working behind the scenes should have immediately noticed the error before the news story went live.

Finally, who will be held accountable? Oh my bad, NO ONE. Yet if it were a Black person, Muslim or a member of the Gay Gestapo, head(s) would have rolled and a lawsuit pending by now.

Well, there it is. What a despicable group of  Weasels…ANY OF THEM COULD WIN! Check back Thursday to see which Weasel walks off with the statuette of shame!

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Forum: What Is Your Reaction To John Boehner’s Resignation?

Every week on Monday morning , the Council and our invited guests weigh in at the Watcher’s Forum, short takes on a major issue of the day, the culture, or daily living. This week’s question: What Is Your Reaction To John Boehner’s Resignation?

Virginia Right!: I won’t shed a tear.

The Noisy Room : Yipee! And good riddance. I’m partying and doing a snoopy dance. The only thing I cringe over, is who will take his place? They will try and shove Kevin McCarthy on us.

 The Razor : It takes a big man to cry.It takes a bigger man to laugh at that man.

JoshuaPundit : Oh dear, why now? Why not five or six years ago?

I think what’s going on here is pretty obvious to me at least. Boehner didn’t actually ‘resign,’  but with elections not far away, the GOP establishment is finally getting a clue about how deeply angry GOP voters are at them for their betrayal of what they were elected to do,  And Boehner was an easy sacrifice, especially since the votes were there to oust him. The fact that there’s a well paid position working on Jeb Bush’s campaign greased and ready for him tells the rest of the story.

McConnell may be next to get the axe.

The GOP establishment will try to put one of their own in charge who lacks Boehner’s baggage, and Kevin McCarthy is said to have the inside track. I doubt he will make it unless he makes some solid commitments to House conservatives. We’ll see…

 Don Surber : I met him around 2005 when he was Education chairman. He was smooth and in command. Future speaker. He was part of teh Gang of Seven as a rookie congressman, and co-authored the Contract With America.

This is a sad end. It was time.

The Independent Sentinel : He ran the House like a dictator so all I have to say is Hasta La Vista baby!

Maggie’s Notebook : Interesting to think that the Speaker doesn’t have to be a Congressman. It ca be a civilian. Never has been, but it could be. I can’t wait for Boehner to be gone, but if ANY part of this leadership is elected, I don’t think much will change.The entire leadership needs to go.

Nice Deb: Somebody mentioned Tom Coburn, the former Senator from Oklahoma who recently retired as a possible candidate. He was the most conservative member of the Senate, but not a bomb-thrower and was widely respected. Not that it will happen, but it’s nice to dream (while Kevin McCarthy is shoved down our throats.)

 Bookworm Room : Let me begin with the fact that Progressives on my Facebook thread are shattered that the man they view as the least awful Republican has left the House and are already having nightmares about the inevitable Tea Party fanatic who will replace him. Here are slightly edited quotes (to preserve the author’s privacy) highlighting their horror:

Progressive #1: “The Tea Party is made up of hate-filled ultra conservative religious fanatics and domestic terrorists. They were a Trojan Horse the GOP thought it could control in the fight against Democrats, but they simply split the GOP. It serves the GOP right but damages America.”

Progressive #2: “The most fanatic right wingers kicked him out, and I can’t imagine who will be the next Speaker, so it’s scary. This is very bad for the Republican Party.”

When it comes to Progressives, with a few exceptions, I operate on the Groucho Marx principle: Whatever you’re for, I’m against it. Their shock and fear over Boehner’s departure is a strong indication that his departure is a good thing. Reviewing Republican responses doesn’t change my mind.

Among Republicans, there are pragmatists who say that, given Obama’s refusal to work with a Republican Congress, there was little Boehner could do, so he shouldn’t be the scapegoat for the GOP’s weakness and Obama’s strength. More ideologically committed people say that the least that Boehner could have done was to be a spokesman for conservative ideas — such as pointing out that it is Obama who is flouting the majority of Americans through his refusal to accommodate any legislation that doesn’t match his minority political view.

I happen to agree with the latter view. I therefore believe that Boehner’s right to leave. The only people whom he made happy were those on the Left who gloried in his failure either to carry through legislation or to be a spokesman for conservative ideas.

Laura Rambeau Lee,Right Reason : Recent polls show that a sizable majority of Republican voters are extremely unhappy with Speaker Boehner and Senator Mitch McConnell for not being strong voices for conservative principles. Despite being delivered majorities in the House and Senate they have been weak and ineffective in their ability to rein in a lawless President Obama.

Riding the wave of a Tea Party success in getting out the vote in 2010 and winning a Republican majority in the House, John Boehner convinced conservatives he would work to undo Obamacare and champion conservative policies. His promises were successful in winning the Speaker position. Since then, he has done nothing to keep his promises to undo the damage our country has suffered under the Obama presidency.

The question is, has he removed himself from the office to protect the establishment GOP in the upcoming 2016 elections, or has he come to the realization… perhaps after meeting the pope… that he is on the wrong side of what is right for America? One thing is certain; he did not have the fortitude or conviction to do what needs to be done to correct the disastrous course we are on as a country. Hopefully the new speaker will be a true conservative and not one of the establishment GOP the party continues to push on the American people.

The Glittering Eye :I think that Speaker Boehner did about as well as could have been expected under the circumstances and the opprobrium heaped upon him by Tea Party conservatives has been largely undeserved.

I also think that the odds are about 3:2 that a long string of disappointments is continuing for the Freedom Caucus and their supporters. Boehner’s successor won’t be a Freedom Caucus member. It’s more likely to be Kevin McCarthy of the California 23rd district and he will prove very similar to Boehner. There will continue to be compromises they despise in the name of continuing to govern.

The eventual Republican presidential candidate whoever he or she may be will not be nearly confrontational enough to suit them. They’ll object strenuously to some of the positions he or she takes.

The key problem is as it has always been. You can’t take the White House with Tea Party voters alone. There is no hidden groundswell of support just waiting for a candidate conservative enough.

Well, there you have it.

Make sure to tune in every Monday for the Watcher’s Forum. And remember, every Wednesday, the Council has its weekly contest with the members nominating two posts each, one written by themselves and one written by someone from outside the group for consideration by the whole Council. The votes are cast by the Council, and the results are posted on Friday morning.

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Video: A Message To Pope Francis

Conservative Catholics heard Pope Francis’ message when he visited the United States and while we all share the same goals, we don’t always share the same views as to the best ways to achieve those goals. To be perfectly blunt, this pope’s politics in regards to capitalism, immigration, and the environment, are not necessarily our politics.

Via CatholicVote, “Everyday American Catholics have their own message for the Holy Father on the occasion of his first Apostolic visit to the United States of America.”


The Acton Institute:  10 Stories The Media Won’t Tell You About The Pope’s USA Visit

Disturbing news regarding one of the papal delegates chosen to attend the upcoming Ordinary Synod on the Family via Edward Pentin, Natl Catholic Register: Cardinal Danneels Admits to Being Part of ‘Mafia’ Club Opposed to Benedict XVI

In Caelo et in Terra: Don Danneels? The power struggles of the Belgian cardinal

Father Z: Was the election of Pope Francis “invalid” because Cardinals committed certain crimes?